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Madan Mani Dixit, 1923-


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  1. Bhumisukta.
    Kathmandu : Amodamani Dikshit, 2001.
    (LCCN: 2002285401)

Madan Mani Dixit an eminent novelist of Nepal was born on February 17, 1923 in Kathmandu. He grew up in one of the most powerful families in Kathmandu. Madan Mani's father and grandfather held diplomatic positions during the rule of the Ranas. Madan Mani has, from the age of eight, been studying religious literature such as the Ramayana in Sanskrit. He was educated at Banaras Hindu University in India. He started his career as a Headmaster at TriJuddha High School, Birjung. From 1958 to 1960 he worked as an editor for Haal Khabar, a weekly newspaper. He was also the chief editor of Samichya, his own newspaper.

Madan Mani Dixit writes with a clear perspectives in mind. He draws from past experiences of his study of Sanskrit, philosophy, and history to write stories and novels flavored with scholastic insights. He believes that the most important aspect of story writing is not the style one writes in, but the feelings one is able to convey. One should be able to create an atmosphere suited to the period depicted.

In 1960, he was part of a parliamentary delegation to the Soviet Union, representing the journalistic sector of Nepal. He worked for thirty-three years for the Nepal Communist party. He has also served as vice chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy (1994-1999).

His most famous works include the novels Madhavi, Meri Nilima, Bhumisukta, and the short story "Kasle jityo kasle haryo?"

Madan Mani Dixit has received various honors and awards, including the Madan Puraskar and the Adikavi Bhanubhakta Puraskar.

The Library of Congress has sixteen works by him.

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