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Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao, 1931-


Image of Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao, 1931- (photo credit: Gaurav Sharma)

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  1. Nagabhairava kavita kadambam.
    Ravinutala: Nagabhairava Pracuranalu, 1988.
    (LCCN: 00373320)
  2. Nadi ceppani katha.
    Gullapalli: Nagabhairava Kalapitham, 1996.
    (LCCN: 97900405)
  3. Nagabhairava kavita kadambam.
    Ravinutala: Nagabhairava Pracuranalu, 1988.
    (LCCN: 00373320)
  4. Pataka sirsika.
    Gullapalli: Nagabhairava Pracuranalu, 1992.
    (LCCN: 00373327)
  5. Dagdha gitam.
    Gullapalli: Srinagabhairava Kalapitham, 1996.
    (LCCN 97900399)

Koteswara Rao, a Telugu poet, was born in the year 1931 in a small village of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh. After a long and successful career, he retired as lecturer of Telugu language and literature. Dr. Rao began writing poetry in traditional Telugu kavya form. Five of his works are in that form. His inclination to this form did not stop him from using other forms such as free verse. He also wrote plays and novels. Two of his poetical works have been prescribed in textbooks. His works are characterized by altruism and universal love, but he shows special concern for the downtrodden.

Dr. Rao's play Kavanavijayam, which depicted the development of 20th century Telugu poetry, ran more than 300 performances. His poetical work Kanneetigadha captured the deadly cyclone that devastated parts of Andhra Pradesh in 1969.

Dr. Rao was Telugu expert for Sahitya Akademi from 1988-1992. He received Telugu University Award and Raja Lakshmi Foundation Award for his literary achievements.

Notable among his seventeen published works are: Rangajamma, (1963); Kanneetigadha, (1969); Oasis (1969); Manavata sangeetham (1972); Veluturu snanam (1980); Turpu vakillu (1982); Naa udayam (1984); Santakam (1985); Gundla kamma cheppina katha, (1985); Pathaka seershika, (1991); Kanneganti Hanumantu, (1992) all poetry; Kavana vijayamu, (1980) play.

The Library of Congress acquired seven of his works and one work on him.


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October 6, 2010
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