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Richard A. ArenbergRichard A. Arenberg
Staff to Senators Paul Tsongas, George Mitchell and Carl Levin (1975-2009).
Francis J. AttigFrancis J. Attig
Official Reporter of Debates (1952-1974)
Richard A. BakerRichard A. Baker
Senate Historian (1975-2009)
Richard G. Baker Robert G. Baker
Senate Page and Chief Telephone Page (1942-1953), Secretary to the Majority (1953-1963)
Leonard H. BallardLeonard H. Ballard
Inspector, United States Capitol Police (1947-1984)
Dennis BrezinaDennis Brezina
Staff, Science Policy Research Division, Legislative Reference Service; Staff, Senate Subcommittee on Government Research; Legislative Assistant to Senator Gaylord Nelson
Charles Sergeant CaldwellCharles Sergeant Caldwell
Aide to Senator Ralph Yarborough (1957-1970)
Gregory S. CaseyGregory S. Casey
Chief of Staff of Senator Larry Craig (1991-1996), Senate Sergeant at Arms, 1996-1998)
Donald J. DetwilerDonald J. Detwiler
Senate Page (1917-1918)
Roy L. ElsonRoy Elson
Administrative Assistant to Senator Carl Hayden and Candidate for the United States Senate (1955-1969)
Grover W. EnsleyGrover W. Ensley
Executive Director, Joint Economic Committee (1949-1957)
Martin GoldMartin Gold
Counsel to Senator Mark Hatfield, 1972-1976; Counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1976-1977; Counsel to the Senate Rules Committee, 1977-1979; Counsel to the Senate Republican Leader, 1979-1982, 2003-2004
Brian HallenBrian Hallen
Senate Enrolling Clerk (1986-1995)
William F. HledenbrandWilliam F. Hildenbrand
Assistant to Senator J. Caleb Boggs (1961-1969); Administrative Assistant to Senator Hugh Scott (1969-1974); Secretary to the Minority (1974-1981); Secretary of the Senate (1981-1985)
G. William HoaglandG. William Hoagland
Staff Director of the Senate Budget Committee and Advisor to the Senate Majority Leader
F. Nordy HoffmanF. Nordy Hoffman
Sergeant at Arms (1975-1981)
Pat M. HoltPat M. Holt
Chief of Staff, Foreign Relations Committee (1974-1977)
Michael A. Johnson Michael A. Johnson
Deputy Assistant Sergeant at Arms
Kelly D. Johnston Kelly D. Johnston
Staff Director, Senate Republican Policy Committee, Secretary of the Senate (1992-1996)
J. Keith KennedyJ. Keith Kennedy
Staff Director/Clerk of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms
Joseph Stanley KimmittJoseph Stanley Kimmitt
Secretary for the Majority (1965-1976) and Secretary of the Senate (1977-1981)
John D. LaneJohn D. Lane
Administrative Assistant to Senator Brien McMahon (1949-1952)
J. Franklin LittleJ. Franklin Little
Senate Page (1910-1912)
Chuck LudlamChuck Ludlam
Counsel; Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Subcommittee on Separation of Powers, Senate Judiciary Committee (1975-1979), Joint Economic Committee (1982-1985), Senate Small Business Committee (1985-1993), Senator Joseph Lieberman (2001-2005)
Carl M. MarcyCarl M. Marcy
Chief of Staff, Foreign Relations Committee (1955-1973)
Stewart E. McClureStewart E. McClure
Chief Clerk, Senate Committee on Labor, Education, and Public Welfare (1949-1973)
Christine S. McCrearyChristine S. McCreary
Staff of Senators Stuart Symington (1953-1977) and John Glenn (1977-1998)
Roy L. McGheeRoy L. McGhee
Superintendent of the Senate Periodical Press Gallery
Richard MurphyRichard W. Murphy
Legislative Assistant to Senator Hugh Scott (1964-1969)
Jesse R. NicholsJesse R. Nichols
Government Documents Clerk and Librarian, Senate Committee on Finance (1937-1971)
Martin P. PaoneMartin P. Paone
Senate Democratic Cloakroom Staff; Minority and Majority Secretary
Scott I. PeekScott I. Peek
Administrative Assistant to Senator George A. Smathers
W. Lee RawlsW. Lee Rawls
Staff Director to Senators Pete Domenici and Bill Frist (1975-2005)
Warren Featherstone ReidWarren Featherstone Reid
Assistant to Warren G. Magnuson, 1949-1981
Floyd M. RiddickFloyd M. Riddick
Senate Parliamentarian (1964-1974)
William A. RidgelyWilliam A. Ridgely
Senate Financial Clerk and Assistant Secretary of the Senate (1949-1981)
Arthur J. RynearsonArthur J. Rynearson
Office of the Senate Legislative Counsel, 1976-2003
Dorothye G. ScottDorothye G. Scott
Administrative Assistant to the Senate Democratic Secretary and to the Secretary of the Senate (1945-1977)
Howard E. ShumanHoward E. Shuman
Administrative Assistant to Senators Paul Douglas and William Proxmire (1955-1983)
George A. SmathersGeorge A. Smathers
United States Senator from Florida (1951-1969)
Darrell St. ClaireDarrell St. Claire
Administrative Secretary of the Senate (1966-1977)
George TamesGeorge Tames
Washington Photographer for The New York Times (1945-1985)
George TamesFrancis R. Valeo
Secretary of the Senate, 1966-1977; Secretary to the Majority, 1963-1966; Administrative Assistant to Senator Mike Mansfield, 1958-1963
Rein J. Vander ZeeRein J. Vander Zee
Administrative Assistant to the Majority Whip and Assistant Secretary of the Majority (1961-1964)
J. Robert VastineJ. Robert Vastine
Staff Director, Senate Republican Conference, (1985-1991)
Jerry T. VerklerJerry T. Verkler
Staff Director of the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee (1963-1974)
Ruth Young WattRuth Young Watt
Chief Clerk, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, 1948-1979
Jade West Jade West
Executive director of the Senate Steering Committee (1982-1996) and Staff Director of the Republican Policy Committee (1996-2002)
Francis O. WilcoxFrancis O. Wilcox
Chief of Staff, Foreign Relations Committee (1947-1955)
Timothy S. Wineman Timothy S. Wineman
Senate Financial Clerk (1970-2005)


Senate Historical Office

Historical information provided by the Senate Historical Office.

Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress

The Directory provides information about former and current senators.


Historical Photographs

The Senate Historical Office maintains a collection of approximately 30,000 still pictures, slides, and negatives, including photographs and illustrations of most former senators, news photographs, editorial cartoons, photographs of committees in session, and other images documenting Senate history.

Historical Statistics

Explore Senate history through historical tables and statistics.