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Senate.gov Home Page Feature Archive (2006-2013)

Jan 2013When a New Congress Begins
Nov 2012Before Taking the Oath
Oct 2012Electing Senators: A Historical Perspective
Sep 2012Celebrating the Constitution
Aug 2012Sessions of the Senate
Jul 2012Material Culture of the Senate
Jun 2012Technology in the Senate
May 2012States in the Senate
Mar 2012Celebrating Women's History Month
Feb 2012Celebrating Black History Month
Jan 2012Senate Meeting Places
Dec 2011The Senate and the Second World War
Nov 2011Advice & Consent: Treaties
Oct 2011Learn about the Senate: Officers & Senate Leaders
Sep 2011Focus on the Constitution: The Seventeenth Amendment
Aug 2011Notable Senate Investigations
Jun 2011Locating Senate Legislation
Apr 2011Discover the Senate Chamber Desks
Mar 2011Locate Senate Speeches
Jan 2011What Happens When a New Congress Begins?
Nov 2010Explore the Senate's Decorative Art Collection
Sep 2010Focus on the Constitution: The Connecticut Compromise
Aug 2010Senate Art Exhibits: Learning about the Senate
Jun 2010The Role of Committees in the Legislative Process
May 2010Biographical Directory: Who's Who in Congress
Apr 2010Celebrate National Library Week: Browse Senate Art Publications
Feb 2010Yea or Nay? Voting in the Senate
Nov 2009New Art Site: Viewing Senate History Through Art
Sep 2009Focus on the Constitution: Advice & Consent of the Senate
Jul 2009An Historic Painting, Rediscovered: Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate
May 2009Moments in Senate History: Photographs of Senate Life
Apr 2009Celebrate National Library Week: Browse Senate Art Publications
Mar 2009Russell Senate Office Building: First Century, 1909-2009
Jan 2009The Senate Chamber, 1859-2009
Nov 2008The Senate's President Pro Tempore
Sep 2008”We the People” Celebrating the Constitution
Aug 2008 Classic Senate Speeches: Great Orators of the Senate's Past
Jul 2008Historical Minutes: Stories about Senate History
May 2008Recording the Senate's Debates: The Congressional Record
Mar 2008A U.S. Senate Tradition: Washington's Farewell Address
Jan 2008What is All this Talk About Sessions?
Nov 2007Congressional Cemetery: 200th Anniversary
Sep 2007”We the People” Celebrating the Constitution
May 2007The President of the Senate's Role in the Legislative Process
Mar 2007Oral History Project: Life in the Senate
Feb 2007New Multimedia Exhibit, Isaac Bassett: A Senate Memoir
Jan 2007What Happens When a New Congress Begins?
Nov 2006Art in the Senate: A View of the Senate's Past
Sep 2006"We the People" Celebrating the Constitution
Jun 2006Discover the Senate Chamber Desks
Feb 2006 Biographical Directory - Who's Who in Congress
Jan 2006 The Senate's First Decade on the Web

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