Conversion Suite

With the Google Analytics Conversion Suite you can go beyond pageviews and visitor counts. See how all your digital marketing channels work together to bring visitors to your site. Measure sales, downloads, video plays, and other actions that are of value to you. Understand why some visitors buy from you and others don’t -- so you can adjust your site and your marketing programs to meet your business goals.

Understand how visitor behavior leads to sales and conversions

Your site is dynamic, and your conversion goals should be too. With Google Analytics Goals and Event Tracking, you can track sales, downloads, video plays, conversions, site engagement, or define your own metrics. You can also tailor your reporting based on what you want to achieve and identify what visitor actions are most likely to help you meet your business objectives. Watch our latest webinar here.

Improve your online sales with Ecommerce Reporting

Identify your best-selling products and most valuable promotions. For complex transactions or simple one-click purchases, Ecommerce Reporting helps you understand why customers purchase and the types of purchases they make. You can trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, understand shoppers’ on-site behavior, and adjust your shopping cart to increase sales and win customer loyalty.

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See the complete picture of campaign performance with Multi-Channel Funnels

Don’t limit your campaign measurement to the last click before a sale. With Multi-Channel Funnels, you’ll see the impact of all your digital marketing activities, including search, display, social, affiliates, email, and more. Learn which channels introduce visitors to your products and which win sales, so you can better balance your marketing programs.

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Follow the different paths that visitors take on your site

See why visitors love your site… or why they don’t. Using Google Analytics Flow Visualization and Goal Funnels, you can follow your visitors’ conversion paths and see where they enter, where they get stuck, and where they leave. Discover strengths and weaknesses in your site navigation, and learn which areas of your website and your marketing program need adjustment.

Make better marketing decisions with Attribution Modeling

With Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics Premium, you can rapidly build and customize marketing attribution models. Give credit to all of the digital marketing interactions that affected sales or conversions. Gauge the impact of different channels, referral sources, campaigns, and keywords -- so you can improve your future marketing activities.

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