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Floor Webcast System Requirements & FAQ

Minimum Requirements for Streaming Videos

If you have a. . .

  • PC
    • You must run Windows 98, 2nd edition or a later operating system.
    • Have at least a 233-MHz processor Pentium II. 
    • Have at least 64 MB of RAM.
    • Have Windows Media Player version 9 or higher, Silverlight and or Adobe Flash Player installed.

      To find out which version of Media Player is embedded in your browser, right-click the player in the Media window and select About.

*Please note: Beta versions of Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player are not supported. Also, if you are using the PC / Firefox combination with Windows Media Player, please download the Windows Media Plug-In here.

  • Macintosh
    • You need a G3 or newer with Mac OS X installed.
    • Have installed either Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, or QuickTime.

      Microsoft Silverlight allows Mac OS users on the latest versions of Firefox and Safari to have the same experience as all Windows Media Player users. There is no difference between a user on Internet Explorer on a PC and a Mac OS 10+ user on a Firefox browser.

*Please note: Beta versions of players and browsers are not supported.

Streaming Video Support FAQ

When viewing a video, why is the feed choppy or buffering?

Check to ensure that your internet connection meets the minimum requirements.


Why am I only getting a black screen when playing a video?

Ensure that your browser has either Silverlight, Windows Media Player, or Adobe flash plugin installed and enabled. Third party video codecs may also prevent proper video playback. Check to ensure that your firewall / content filter is not blocking video traffic.


I have Silverlight installed on my Mac, why doesn’t my video play?

Having Flip4Mac installed as well as Silverlight can cause potential issues, try uninstalling Flip4Mac. Ensure that the Silverlight plugin is up to date and you have met the minimal requirements for Silverlight. Check to ensure that your firewall / content filter is not blocking video traffic.


I have Windows Media Player installed on my PC, why doesn’t my video play?

Be sure that the latest fixes are applied to Windows Media Player and that no third party video codecs are installed on your machine. Check to ensure that your firewall / content filter is not blocking video traffic.


Why does my video stop playing occasionally?

Network issues could cause the video feed to drop. Ensure that your internet connection is not dropping and that no other applications are interfering with the video playback.




Landmark Legislation

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Lobby Disclosure

Learn more about filing lobbying documents with the Office of Public Records.

How to find bills

Use this guide to help you find the full text of recent bills and resolutions on the Web, or order them from the Senate or House Document Rooms, or you can find them in a library.    

Find Votes

There are several sources for finding out about the floor votes cast by a Senator or Representative.