How to Search

Learn how to use search features to find studies.

How to Use Basic Search

Learn how to search using basic features and try example searches. To search, you can enter one or more words in the search box found on the home page, the Basic Search page and at the top of every page of the site.

How to Use Advanced Search

Learn how to use the Advanced Search form. Focus your search by entering or selecting search terms in multiple fields such as recruitment status and location. Learn how to narrow or broaden your search results and find results information for studies.

How to Modify a Search

Learn how to use the Advanced Search form to modify your search to target studies of interest.

How to Find Studies by Topic or on a Map

Learn how to find Studies by Topic, such as condition, drug intervention, or sponsor, and how to find studies in the United States and international Studies on a Map

This page last reviewed in August 2012