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Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP)
is a program that authorizes national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) organizations to receive priority treatment for vital voice and data circuits or other telecommunications services. As a result of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other natural or man-made disasters, telecommunications service vendors frequently experience a surge in requests for new services and requirements to restore existing services. The TSP Program provides service vendors a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandate to prioritize requests by identifying those services critical to NS/EP. A TSP assignment ensures that it will receive priority attention by the service vendor before any non-TSP service.

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When circumstances require installation of a new telecommunications service faster than a service vendor's normal processes allow, an organization may request provisioning priority. This can be an immediate installation following an emergency or an installation by a specific date, also known as an essential provisioning. (read more)
Restoration priority is for new or existing telecommunication services and requires that
service vendors restore them before non-TSP services. Restoration priority helps minimize service interruptions that may have a serious, adverse effect on the supported NS/EP function. Organizations must request TSP restoration priority before a service outage. (read more)

Who is eligible? NS/EP telecommunications service users within the Federal, State, and local and tribal governments as well as certain private sector organizations are eligible for TSP. (read more)

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