What Can the Do Not Pay Business Center Do for Your Agency?


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The Do Not Pay Business center was developed with a two part Vision in mind for programs administered and/or funded by the federal government.

  • Help prevent, reduce and stop improper payments from being made
  • Identify and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse
Do Not Pay Award Payment cycle

Our goal is to integrate Do Not Pay into your existing business processes by providing your agency access to current and relevant data to help make an award or payment decision.

Do Not Pay is NOT a list of entities or people that should not be paid. The Do Not Pay Business Center provides many data sources – in one place - that your agency can review to verify eligibility.

It’s a simple and streamlined way to review our data sources during the pre-award and pre-payment processes to ultimately help your agency reduce improper payments.

Do Not Pay Business Center Components

Do Not Pay Portal

Provides users with a secure single entry point for multiple data sources online. The data sources are updated frequently and allows users to see results immediately. Users have the option of performing searches by using three different methods.

Data Analytics Services

Provides agencies with additional customized analysis to combat improper payments, including matching and analyzing the agencies payment file against currently available data sources and analyzing the payment file itself for irregularities such as same unique identifier (TIN, SSN, EIN, and DUN) and different names. Each agency can determine the level of analysis done, and then the analytics are customized to meet the agencies needs.

Agency Support Center

Supports users for both services and all aspects of the process. Also, provides personalized training and portal demonstrations.