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Welcome to the e-card shop!

The cards offered here are for smokers who want to quit and non-smokers who want to support a quit attempt. Check out the cards, send one to a friend...

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I love you. Be smokefree.

I did it. So can you.

Treat yourself to a healthy life.

It's time to turn over a new leaf.

Cold turkey is one way to quit.

I wish you would quit smoking and come inside.

I'm ready to quit smoking and come inside.

Give yourself the gift of quitting.

A smokefree you...

Happy New Year!

Celebrate your independence from smoking.

Saluting your service.

I'm quitting smoking!

Congratulations on being smokefree!

You always taught me to think outside the box.

Everyone falls off the path sometimes.

Quitting smoking saves cash.

Being smokefree is the winning goal.

Mommy we love you.

I took the pledge. Join me!

I took the pledge!

We believe in you.

We took the pledge. Will you join us?

I have been dreaming of this all winter!

You don't have to be a super hero all the time.

This spring I'm going to be smokefree.