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  1. If we’re going to direct federal dollars toward renewables, I’d like to see it on the R&D side of the process. -

  2. "Doing it on your own not going to yield kind of policies that are good for this country." on bipartisanship

  3. We need to reframe the energy discussion.Need to be thinking how we use our ingenuity to get our energy cleaner & more secure-

  4. "We want to produce something in the Energy Cmte. Theres a lot of messaging going on, but messaging doesnt yield governance."-

  5. . invokes potential for US to cause geopolitical shakeup, given dependence of US allies on Russian supplies.

  6. Kenneth Medlock: prices have "been indexed to because it has not had liquidity. That is changing in a dramatic way."

  7. 96 percent of increase of natgas production is occurring on state and private lands. Not federal lands. - Jack Gerard, API.

  8. Last time the US tried to regulate natgas prices it created a shortages and imbalanced distribution.

  9. As gas boom grows, US will produce more gas than it consumes = surplus. Economic theory says exporting surplus will add to US wealth.

  10. Restricting nat gas production in US will benefit 3 countries the most: Iran, Russia and Venezuela - Dr. Medlock at ENR natgas hearing

  11. Don't miss Senate ENR's hearing this morning on natural opportunities & challenges. Watch it live at 10am here:

  12. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, on her energy blueprint: "What you have in front of you is better than airplane reading."

  13. "We need to reach a future in which 'clean energy' and 'energy independence' are more than just slogans." -

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