Free, hosted site search …

  • Provides an index of your public-facing web pages and social media.
  • Fetches and indexes your content sources (RSS feeds, specific URLs, sitemaps).
  • Doesn’t have a document count limit.

with industry best practice features …

  • Allows you to customize the look and feel of the results.
  • Allows you to recommend “best bets.”
  • Integrates your social media content (Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube).
  • Presents type-ahead search suggestions and related searches.
  • Supports English and Spanish websites.
  • Provides self-service admin center and analytics for site administrators.

and a quick, reliable, and secure infrastructure.

  • Maintains 99.95%-plus uptime.
  • Delivers nearly all search results in less than 400 milliseconds.
  • Certified and accredited (C&A).

Be sure to read our weekly release notes to keep up-to-date with our new features.