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Office of Emergency Care Research

The Office of Emergency Care Research (OECR) coordinates and fosters basic, clinical and translational research and research training for the emergency setting. The ultimate goal is to improve the outcome of patients who require emergency treatment.

To accomplish its goals, OECR:

  • Serves as the focal point and catalyst across NIH for advancing research and research training in the emergency setting.
  • Coordinates funding opportunities that involve multiple NIH institutes and centers.
  • Works closely with the NIH Emergency Care Research Working Group, which includes representatives from most NIH institutes and centers.
  • Organizes scientific meetings to identify new research and training opportunities in the emergency setting.
  • Catalyzes the development of new funding opportunities.
  • Informs investigators about funding opportunities in their areas of interest.
  • Fosters career development for trainees in emergency care research.
  • Represents NIH in government-wide efforts to improve the nation's emergency care system.

OECR serves a facilitating role, coordinating the efforts of the NIH’s various institutes and centers whose missions include emergency medicine. While OECR does not directly fund investigators, it can match researchers with funding opportunities in their area(s) of interest.

Examples include:

  • Assisting researchers who seek funding for an investigator-initiated research project by putting them in touch with NIH program officers who manage extramural grants for basic and/or clinical research in emergency medicine.
  • Guiding researchers to existing funding opportunities like requests for applications (RFAs), requests for proposals (RFPs) and program announcements (PAs).
  • Bringing research topics that span the mission of multiple NIH institutes or centers to the NIH Emergency Care Research Working Group for discussion.
  • Leading workshops to address high-impact, trans-NIH research questions in emergency care research.

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