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Apply For Grants

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: All applicants please read immediately.

Provided below is an overview of the process to apply for grant opportunities. In order to apply for a grant, you and/or your organization must complete the registration process. Registration can take between three-five business days or as long as two weeks if all steps are not completed in a timely manner. Register for grant opportunities now.

Click here to "Get Registered".

  Download a Grant Application Package

Downloading a grant application package allows you to complete it offline and route it through your organization for review before submitting.

Click here to verify if your Adobe software version is compatible with

Instructions on how to open and use the forms in the package are on the application package cover sheet. Agency specific instructions are available for download when you download your application package, which will include required information for your submission.

Complete the Grant Application Package Step

Now that you have downloaded an application package, complete the grant application offline. Save changes to your application as you go, does NOT automatically save changes. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed.

View a narrated tutorial on how to complete a grant . If you're having problems completing the package, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Submit the Completed Grant Application Package

If you are not already connected to the Internet, you will be directed to do so and will need to login to using your username and password.

Submitting a Grant Application with Adobe Reader:

After you have entered all the necessary information, checked the package for errors and saved your package, click the "Save & Submit" button on the cover page. Your application package will automatically be uploaded to

A confirmation screen will appear once the submission is complete. A tracking number will be provided at the bottom of this screen, as well as the official date and time of the submission. Record the tracking number so that you may refer to it should you need to contact us for support.

If you're having problems completing the package, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Track the Status of a Submitted Grant Application Package

Once your application has been submitted, you can check the status on the Track My Application page.

You can identify your application by:

  • CFDA Number
  • Funding Opportunity Number
  • Competition ID
  • Tracking Number

See "What to Expect After Submitting" for more information.

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