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CTEP Branches and Offices

OAD Office of the Associate Director
Plans, evaluates and coordinates extramural clinical research programs testing combined modality approaches and the testing of investigational new agents.
IDB Investigational Drug Branch
Implements and oversees an innovative investigational experimental therapeutics program. IDB collaborates with academia and industry through a unique contract and grant NCI funded program to carry out the clinical evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents.
CGCB Clinical Grants and Contracts Branch
The CGCB is the point-of-contact for the extramural community engaged in investigator-initiated clinical research.
PMB Pharmaceutical Management Branch
Provides pharmaceutical support for clinical trials sponsored by CTEP. Collects and maintains registration documentation for all investigators participating in CTEP clinical trials.
CIB Clinical Investigations Branch
Responsible for scientific oversight and coordination of large, multicenter clinical trials exploring innovative disease therapeutics and biomarkers; partners with public and private entities to expand clinical trial participation to all populations.
OIB Operations and Informatics Branch
Provides support of protocol development and conduct through the Protocol and Information Office, PIO, as the operations hub, processes all submissions and liaisons with all clinical sites. OIB also developed and maintains the CTEP Enterprise System, in use by the NCI as well as the extramural community, to collect, analyze and report a wide variety of protocol, accrual, adverse event and agent information.
CTMB Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch
Audits clinical data and deters scientific misconduct by ensuring good clinical practices. Having the highest quality data along with protecting rights of human subjects are major goals.
RAB Regulatory Affairs Branch
The Regulatory Affairs Branch (RAB) provides IND support and acts as liaison to the FDA for CTEP, DCTD. RAB also fosters pharmaceutical collaboration in evaluating new anti-cancer agents, through the implementation of appropriate agreements.
ARC Administrative Resource Center
Provides outstanding administrative services, in a customer friendly environment, to support the progress of cancer research. The ARC values are integrity, respect, perseverance, trust and reliability.

Message from the CTEP Associate Director:

Jeffrey S. Abrams, M.D.CTEP is responsible, within DCTD, for coordinating the largest, publicly funded oncology clinical trials organization in the world. With over 900 active trials enrolling annually 30,000 study participants, More...