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Profiles in Science
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Welcome to the National Library of Medicine's Profiles in Science® site!

This site celebrates twentieth-century leaders in biomedical research and public health. It makes the archival collections of prominent scientists, physicians, and others who have advanced the scientific enterprise available to the public through modern digital technology.

Featuring: The Henry Swan Papers

[Portrait of Henry Swan]. [ca. 1981].American surgeon Henry Swan II pioneered the use of hypothermia--cooling patients to a very low body temperature--to make possible the first open-heart surgeries.
[Barbara McClintock in lab]. 26 March 1947.Biomedical Research
Christian B. Anfinsen | Oswald T. Avery | Julius Axelrod | Paul Berg | Francis Crick | Rosalind Franklin | Donald S. Fredrickson | Michael Heidelberger | Adrian Kantrowitz | Arthur Kornberg | Joshua Lederberg | Salvador E. Luria | Barbara McClintock | Victor A. McKusick | Daniel Nathans | Marshall W. Nirenberg | Linus Pauling | Martin Rodbell | Florence R. Sabin | Maxine Singer | Sol Spiegelman | Albert Szent-Gyorgyi | Harold Varmus
[C. Everett Koop examining an infant]. [ca. 1974].Health & Medicine
Virginia Apgar | Clarence Dennis | Charles R. Drew | Edward D. Freis | C. Everett Koop | Wilbur A. Sawyer | Fred L. Soper | Reports of the Surgeon General | Henry Swan | Visual Culture and Health
[Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Regional Medical Programs]. [ca. 9 February 1966].Fostering Science & Health
Alan Gregg | Mary Lasker | Regional Medical Programs

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