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Supervise Manpower and Reserve Component Affairs for the Secretary of the Army (SA).

The Assistant Secretary of the Army's (ASA) Manpower and Reserve Affairs (M&RA) mission statement is a declaration of our purpose and clarifies why everything we do contributes to the Army's mission and furthers the Army's vision.

The ASA (M&RA) mission is firmly grounded in statute and regulation. Title 10 of the United States Code establishes the ASA (M&RA) as an entity and provides the mission foundation and states that the ASA (M&RA) has, as its principal duty, "the overall supervision of manpower and reserve component affairs of the Department of the Army." The Headquarters, Department of Army, General Order No. 3 provides further detailed descriptions of ASA (M&RA)'s responsibilities. Per General Order No. 3 (dated July 9, 2002), ASA (M&RA) serves as the Army's lead for civilian and military manpower policy, human resources, the review of soldier records, reserve/active component force structure policy, the Army-wide Equal Employment Opportunity Program and other critical matters as part of the Army leadership.

In fulfilling this mission, ASA (M&RA) will lead, shape, direct and manage Army activities, working in collaboration with our partners, within the human capital enterprise. Beyond the traditional components of human resource management, the ASA (M&RA) also has responsibility for providing oversight and direction to the Army's total force management, manpower and workforce management programs. This authority extends to all five components of the Army (i.e., Active, Guard, Reserve military, civilian and contractor). Additionally, the Secretariat's oversight and direction extends to training, readiness and mobilization policies, plans and programs affecting the Army (Active and Reserve Components) with a strong emphasis on reviewing all policies and programs pertaining to mobilization, demobilization and accessibility of the Reserve Components.

In all of these areas, ASA (M&RA) will provide proactive leadership, shape policy development and supervise policy execution.

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ASA (M&RA) will lead the human capital enterprise for America's all-volunteer Army: Relevant and ready, agile, adaptive and organized for the 21st century.

The vision statement describes what ASA (M&RA) will look like in the future, guides us and provides direction as we fulfill our mission. This vision is firmly grounded in the ASA (M&RA) mission, which articulates our fundamental and enduring purpose, and considers the challenges surfaced in our situational assessment. ASA (M&RA) is uniquely positioned to provide unifying focus throughout the Army's human capital enterprise. M&RA issues posed by Global War on Terror GWOT, sustaining the all-volunteer force, transition to modularity, business transformation and workforce challenges must all be addressed.

To attain this vision, we will be strategic in outlook, innovative in process and world-class in execution. In order to sustain a ready and relevant total force, we will not only respond to today's human capital needs but we will forecast tomorrow and shape the human dimension of America's Army accordingly. This vision provides direction for our priorities and our future path.

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The ASA (M&RA)'s organizational values directly support the Army's individual values.

The values that characterize the culture of ASA (M&RA), communicate the philosophy in approaching our mission and advancing our vision. These guiding principles help to determine our culture, set the context in which decisions are made and are the standards for action. Operationally, these are our expectations for our leaders and our workforce, and outline the behaviors we encourage and the actions we want to see demonstrated.

   • Ensure the best interests of the Nation and the Army - lead in strategy, plans and policies
   • Implement the Secretary of the Army's vision
   • Be faithful to the concept that Soldiers are the Army

   • Fulfill our obligations
   • Accept responsibility and accountability
   • Exercise effective civilian supervision
   • Lead by example - set and enforce high standards
   • Advance our vision
   • Be a positive agent for change
   • Enable people to meet their potential
   • Care for the Army family

   • Recognize that diversity adds value
   • Value the contributions of all
   • Treat people as an end, not a mean to an end
   • Honor the mission and the importance of your contributions

Selfless Service
   • The welfare of the Nation, the Army and your subordinates comes first
   • Be a team player
   • Champion the organization's direction and needs
   • Exceed expectations

   • High moral fortitude
   • Propensity for the truth
   • Embrace the privilege of public service
   • Live the Army values

   • Do the right thing for the right reason
   • Fundamental to all operations
   • Be truthful
   • Participate, speak up, be part of the solution
   • Be a good steward of taxpayer resources
   • Take ownership for your actions

Personal Courage
   • Inner strength to express your views to shape decisions
   • Embrace change; be agile, innovative and adaptive
   • Stand up for what is right

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