What’s the first step?

To initiate Do Not Pay enrollment, please send an e-mail to donotpay@stls.frb.org and include the following information about your agency:

  • Your Agency Name
  • Primary Agency Contact – please include phone number
  • What types of payments does your agency make? Also, describe your payment process.
  • What are the causes of the improper awards or payments made by your agency?
  • What information does your agency already use to prevent improper awards or payments?
  • What information would help to further prevent those awards or payments from going out?
  • At what point in your business process could your agency use Do Not Pay to help prevent improper payments (vendor verification, beneficiary decision, debt collection/loan guaranty, at the point of award or payment, when enrolling clients, etc.)?

What will happen next?

A relationship manager will review your information and contact you to schedule a time to begin the enrollment process.