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Take the Smokefree Monday Pledge

Monday is a day for new beginnings. A day to prepare for the week ahead.

Smokefree Mondays help you stay focused on quitting by renewing your commitment to a life without cigarettes every week. Every Monday is a chance to reflect on your reasons for quitting, celebrate your progress, and make a fresh start if you have slipped. Each Monday, join other women in taking the Smokefree Monday Pledge.

You pledge... To commit to a smokefree life each week. Join the community of women like you who are committed to smokefree living this week!

We pledge... To support you during your quit attempt. We will provide you tips, tools, and encouragement to stay smokefree.

Together we are strong enough to quit.

Quitting smoking happens one craving at a time. One decision at a time.
One Monday at a time.