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​​NIH Library offers training on how to effectively find, appraise and manage information using an array of electronic library resources. Topics include how to search the biomedical literature, access online journals, order and receive articles via email, set up a research update service, and use bibliographic management software to manage a personal library collection and format bibliographies.

For a full list of in-person training classes, visit Online training and tutorials are available from this page.

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C=Class, T=Tutorial, O=Online
Training TitleFormat
Alternatives in Animal Research T
Assessing the Impact of Research: New Tools and Approaches
CINAHL Plus (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)
CLC Genomics Workbench Version 5C
Clinical Trial and Other Evidence-Based Medicine Searching: Resources and StrategiesC
Copyright and Plagiarism: What NIH Authors Need to KnowC
Correlation of Disease Genes to PhenotypesC
Drug Information Resources at the NIH LibraryC T
EndNote Web: Using EndNote from AnywhereC T
EndNote Webinar: Managing Your Search Results
EndNote: Managing Your Search ResultsC T
Evidence-Based Resources in Public HealthC
Gene Resources: From Transcription Factor Binding Sites to Function
Genomatix Software Suite: Transcription Factor Binding Site and Promoter AnalysisC
Genome BrowsersC
How to compute your h-indexC
HUG - Handheld Users Group EventC
Identification of Disease GenesC
Journal Citation ReportsT O
Keeping Up with Public Health: Evidence-Based Public Health Information ResourcesC
Library OrientationT
Make the Cloud Work for You: Access Your Files from Anywhere and From Any ComputerC
MetaCore: Pathway Analysis of 'Omics' Data and Gene Lists
Microbial Genome AnalysisC
Modifying Endnote StylesC
NCBI Entrez GeneO
NCBI Entrez StructureO
Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis 
NIH Library CatalogO
Nursing ResourcesO
Ordering Books and ArticlesO
Partek Genomics Suite Software: Explore the underlying biology of the results of statistical analysesC
Pathway Studio 
Protein Structural Analysis: Binding Sites to Distant HomologsC
PubMed, PubMed Central, NIH Manuscript Submission SystemC
PubMed: Understanding the BasicsC T O
QUOSA: Downloading Articles and Software Overview
Reference Manager: Managing Your Search ResultsC T O
Research Updates (Alert Services)T O
Resources for Infectious Disease ResearchC
Scopus & Web of Science: Rich with CitationsC
Sequence Analysis: Making Sense of DNA and Protein SequencesC
Sequence Similarity Search: BLASTC
Sequence Similarity Search: BLAST-Like Alignment Tool (BLAT)C
Social Media University: Online Collaborative Tools and Google DriveC
Social Media University: Social Networks, and Online CommunitiesC
Social Media University: Twitter, Blogs, RSS, and Text MessagingC
Social Media University: YouTube and Online Video SharingC
Social Sciences ResourcesT
UCSC Sequence Similarity Tool: BLAT  
Undertaking a Systematic Review: What you Need to KnowC
Using the ALLEN BRAIN ATLAS Online Public ResourcesC
Web Search: Thinking Beyond GoogleC

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