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CITVideo Services

Web Collaboration Videocast Video Conferencing

Web Collaboration

- Availability 24 x 7
- Ease of use and integration with Microsoft Outlook
- Collaboration, document sharing, white boarding, chat, and online polling capabilities
- Interactive content delivery and support for video, voice, data, animations and simulations
- Supports multiple platforms
- view meetings on Windows, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux systems
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- Broadcast to a worldwide audience over the Internet
- Broadcast options also include NIH- or HHS-only
- On-demand video or a downloadable podcast
- Live broadcast with optional feedback to presenter
- On-demand video playback in past events section
- Podcasting video-to-go for portable media players
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Video Teleconferencing

- See all participants with a variety of new layouts, including Hollywood Squares in near HD experience
- Enable organizations to share knowledge and multimedia presentations for live and on-demand access
- Increase productivity by hosting virtual meetings and reducing travel costs
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