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2012 NIH CRM Pilot Projects for Clinical Applications

PI Name Institute Title
BÖNNEMANN, CARSTEN NINDS Using iPSC to model the neurological phenotype of alpha-dystroglycanopathie
LIANG, T. JAKE NIDDK iPSC-derived Human Hepatocytes: A Model for Treatment of Liver Disease
LIU, PAUL P. NHGRI Towards cell therapy for FPD/AML with patient-specific iPS cells
MILLER, SHELDON NEI Constructing Functional iPSC-derived RPE Tissue for Cell-based Therapy
RESTIFO, NICHOLAS NCI Regenerative medicine using lineage reprogramming of tumor-specific T cells
USDIN, KAREN NIDDK Making neurons from FX iPSCs to study disease pathology and to screen for drugs

2011 NIH CRM Pilot Projects for Clinical Applications

PI Name Institute Title
BOEHM, MANFRED NHLBI Reprogramming and lineage differentiations of IPS cells from HIES patients
DENG, CHUXIA NIDDK Targeted correction of human and mouse iPS cells for liver diseases
DUNBAR, CYNTHIA NHLBI Preclinical Development of reprogrammed cells utilizing the rhesus macaque
FISCHBECK, KENNETH NINDS An iPS cell system for the study of motor neuron disease
JETTEN, ANTON NIEHS Induction of pancreatic beta cell development in iPS cells by GLIS3
MALECH, HARRY NIAID Gene Repaired Autologous iPSC to treat Chronic Granulomatous Disease
MILLER, SHELDON NEI Mechanisms of AMD Initiation Using iPS Cell-Derived RPE
PARK, JOHN NINDS Stimulation of anti-glioma immune responses by iPS cell-derived microglia
SARTORELLI, VITTORIO NIAMS Role of Epigenetic Regulators in iPS and SCNT-derived ESCs
SIDRANSKY, ELLEN NHGRI iPSc to study and treat Gaucher disease and associated parkinsonism
SWAROOP, ANAND NEI Therapies for early onset retinal degeneration using iPS cell technology
WESTPHAL, HEINER NICHD iPS cells for the analysis and treatment of SLOS, a rare childhood disorder
YOUNG, NEAL NHLBI Induced pluripotent stem cells to model telomere regulation and cell therapy

2010 NIH CRM Pilot Projects for Clinical Applications

PI Name Institute Title
AUSTIN, CHRISTOPHER NHGRI Development of iPS Cell-Based Disease Model of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C
BOHELER, KENNETH NIA Isolation of "homogeneous" human iPS cell populations
FINKEL, TOREN NHLBI Cardiovascular Applications of iPS Cells
FISCHBECK, KENNETH NINDS iPS cells for mechanistic and therapeutic studies of motor neuron disease
KELLEY, MATTHEW NIDCD Induction of hair cell regeneration using induced pluripotent stem cells
KUEHN, MICHAEL NCI Assessing the Smads2/3 dependent epigenetic landscape in iPSC
LIU, PAUL P NHGRI Development of a Reference Set of Comprehensively Characterized iPS cell li
MILLER, SHELDON NEI Restoring Vision: Criteria for iPS Cell Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelia
RESTIFO, NICHOLAS NCI Reprogramming tumor-specific T cells using iPS for cancer immunotherapy
ROBEY, PAMELA NIDCR Differentiation of human iPSCs into bone and cartilage
WEINBERGER, DANIEL NIMH Validation of human GABA inter-neurons derived from iPS cells

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