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Consumer Guides for Peer Review

The NCI Consumers' Guide to Peer Review has been prepared to serve first as an introduction and orientation to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and its Research Programs and second to define your role as a consumer in the Peer Review of applications that support extramural clinical/population-based research conducted by Cancer Centers, Cooperative Groups, Program Projects, and projects submitted in response to Requests for Applications (RFAs) and Program Announcements (PAs).

The NCI Consumers' Cancer Dictionary for Peer Review is deigned to provide concise definitions of technical terms frequently used in applications for NCI-sponsored investigator-initiated research. The terms include those commonly associated with the molecular biology of cancer, immunology, and clinical oncology. These definitions, in association with the review process, will increase your familiarity and understanding of the biology and clinical aspects of cancer. We hope this will facilitate and make your participation in the Peer Review process more meaningful.