The mission of the Manpower and Force Management Career Program (CP26) is to provide a professional cadre of manpower and force management professionals to design, develop and resource the Army’s operating and generating forces in support o the National Military Strategy.


CP26, of the Army’s centrally managed civilian career programs, is composed primarily of Management Analysts (occupational series 0343) who work in one or more of the nine manpower and force management functional areas. Because of this functional diversity, CP26 analysts work in a variety of organizations such as resource management, plans and training, documentation, and management engineering at installations and major commands across the Army.


The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, is the CP26 Functional Chief (FC).

The Director, Plans and Resources (DAPE-PR), is the Functional Chief’s Representative (FCR).

The Manpower Policy, Plans and Programs Division (DAPE-PRM) manages CP26 for the Functional Chief and Functional Chief’s Representative.

DAPE-PRM is responsible for the life cycle management of the CP26 community.

  • CP26 Strategic Plan
  • Mentoring CP26 Careerists and Interns
  • Competitive Professional Development (CPD)
  • CP26 ACTEDS Intern Program
  • Manpower and Force Management Course (MFMC)
  • Secretary of the Army Awards for Improving Manpower and Force Management
  • CP26 Website and Bulletin