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Total MGC full ORF clones29,81827,2856,7639,104
Non-redundant genes17,59217,7016,4868,724

About the MGC

The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), a trans-NIH initiative, is to provide researchers with unrestricted access to sequence-validated full-length protein-coding (FL-CDS) cDNA clones for human, mouse, and rat genes. In 2005, the project added the cow cDNAs generated by Genome Canada.

MGC cDNA clones were obtained by screening of cDNA libraries, by transcript-specific RT-PCR cloning, and by DNA synthesis of cDNA inserts. (See References 1, 2, 3)

All MGC sequences are deposited in GenBank and the clones can be purchased from distributors of the IMAGE consortium. You can use Download Plugin Adobe Acrobat Reader "A Guide to Finding Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) Clones and Evaluating Their Sequence" to assist in determining whether MGC cDNA clones for human, mouse, or rat genes and transcripts of interest are available for purchase or sequence investigation.

ORFeome Collaboration (OC) was formed to provide the research community with sequence-validated, full-ORF human cDNA clones in the Gateway® vector format. The Project Summary provides background information and additional details about the MGC and the ORFeome Collaboration.

With the conclusion of the MGC project in March 2009, the GenBank records of MGC sequences will be frozen, without further updates. (See Reference 4) Since the definition of what constitutes a full-length coding region for some of the genes and transcripts for which we have MGC clones will likely change in the future, users planning to order MGC clones will need to monitor for these changes. Users can make use of genome browsers and gene-specific databases, such as the UCSC Genome browser, NCBI’s Map Viewer, and Entrez Gene, to view the relevant regions of the genome (browsers) or gene-related information (Entrez Gene).

Note: Please check the GenBank record of each MGC full-length clone for detailed sequence annotation. Some MGC sequences have nucleotide differences that are not supported by other experimental data.

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