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eMICE Web Site – Electronic Models Information, Communication, and Education
An Internet resource providing extensive information about experimental and spontaneous animal models for cancer research,...

Biological Resources Branch (BRB) Preclinical Repository
Provides: Human cytokines (interleukin-1, interleukin-2, basic fibroblast growth factor, vascular...

CCR Research Directory
The CCR Research Directory provides an overview of each Branch, Laboratory, and Program as well as links to individual Web...

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Related Links

This section provides links to other Web sites that may be helpful or of interest to visitors to NCI Research Resources.
There are 26 Related Links listed.

Grant Funding Resources 4 Links

1. Funding for Small Business
Whatever and whomever for SMD
2. How to Apply for NCI Funding
Information on research grants, applications, FAQs
3. NCI Funding Opportunities
Request for Applications (RFA), Program Announcements (PA)
4. The Researchers' Toolbox
Grant preparation resources for cancer control investigators

NIH Resources 9 Links

1. Center for Inherited Disease Research (CIDR)
Centralized facility established to provide genotyping and statistical genetics services
2. Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM)
Coordinating center for NIH scientists using molecular modeling in their research
3. Library Resources
PubMed, GCG-Lite, NLM, Web of Science, WHALES
4. National Center for Research Resources (NCRR)
Comparative Medicine Resources, Biomedical Technology Resources , Mutant Mouse Models Repository, Primate Resources, Genetic Analysis Resources
5. National Toxicology Programx
Report on carcinogens, testing information and study results
6. NIH Home Page
Health information, News and Events, Employment Information
7. NIH Interest Groups
Provide information and help with techniques dealing with common research topics; upcoming meetings
8. Scientific Resources
Cytokine resources, immunology resources, FCRDC
9. Shared Resources NIH Intramural
Informal exchange of research resources in the intramural community

Other 1 Link

1. Bioinformatics & Molecular Analysis (BIMAS)
Genomic and genetic analysis resources; tools for data mining; gene clusters. This is the neatest link ever.

Scientific Initiatives 3 Links

1. NCI Disease Specific Research Initiatives
Provides information on current cancer research funding opportunities supported by the National Cancer Institute
2. NCI Major Initiatives
High priority scientific programs and infrastructures
3. Trans-NIH Research
Information and funding opportunities involving multiple institutes; model organisms, Pain Research Consortium, BISTI

Technology 3 Links

1. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
GenBank, human/mouse homology map, OMIM, tools for data mining and more
2. Office of Technology and Industrial Relations
Bioengineering; vendor relationships; scientific collaboration; funding opportunities
3. Office of Technology Development
OncoMouse agreement; Standard forms and agreements; technology transfer; CRADAs

Training and Education 6 Links

1. Cancer Imaging Program (CIP)
Workshops in imaging science, BECON
2. Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
Postdoctoral training for individuals from a variety of health science disciplines in cancer prevention and control.
3. Cancer Training Branch
Fellowships, research training
4. Fellowship Office of the National Cancer Institute
A focal point for NCI fellows.
5. Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM)
Core laboratory facility offers yearly users workshops and training
6. NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention
Provides specialized instruction in the principles and practice of cancer prevention and control; molecular prevention.

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