Haz-Map Help


Search: Enter a query, and hit Enter. The query words will be searched as text words in all Haz-Map text fields. Search results display in relevancy ranked order.

Browse by categories

To traverse the hierarchical trees, simply click on the hyperlink of a major category, and the tree will expand to the next level of hierarchy. You can navigate forward or backward at any time by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Browse alphabetically

You can also browse all the tables by alphabetical listing of the records. Agents records have a special sort order, for example, o-Anisidine appears in "A", not in "O".

Browse agents by adverse effects

You can search for all agents that have one or more potential adverse effects. For example, view all agents that can cause occupational asthma, or view all agents that can cause both asthma and lung cancer. For checkboxes, you may select as many items as you like.

Adverse effects in some categories are displayed in a list of radio buttons. For radio buttons, you may select only one option in each group. For example, in the category Neurotoxin, pick Parkinson syndrome to see all agents with the potential to cause this syndrome.

When checkboxes are used, it means that each agent may have one or more of the listed adverse effects. When radio buttons are used, it means that each agent may have only one of the adverse effects. A neurotoxic agent is designated by the one most prominent effect of five possible options.

In the search result page, you can click on the Search Details link to see the conditions that were checked for the search.

Find diseases by jobs and symptoms

Search by Jobs: You can search diseases related to a job by selecting a job from the pull-down menu.

Search by Symptoms: You can search diseases from their symptoms by checking the symptoms grouped by organ/tissue systems.

Search by Jobs and Symptoms: By selecting both Job and Symptoms, you can find diseases related to both. For example: searching carpenters and cough.

You can click on Search Details on the search result page to see what job and/or symptoms you have selected.

This page shows all the links to information related to the particular record of interest. An example is the disease aplastic anemia. In addition to the link to the main record for this disease, you will also see links to "Symptoms associated with this disease," "Hazardous agents that cause this disease," and "High risk job tasks associated with this disease."

Display of main record

Here, detailed information displays in a tabular format.

In the Hyperlink fields, you can click on the link to see other information resources.

In the Agents table, there are hyperlinks of the Field Name to the glossary page.

If an agent is also a Category Name, for example, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, a link is provided in the Category field to see the list of agents belongng to the category.


Click on this button to search all TOXNET databases.

You can enter search words in the pop-up prompt box to make a search.

You can also highlight a chunk of text on the page to launch a search.