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The following list contains abstracts of the quotations submitted and copies of the specifications on small purchases that have been awarded. Click on any of the column headings below to sort the jobs listed. You may also search using the drop downs and search criteria box below. Click on "view" to see a copy of the specification or abstract selected. This list contains only jobs that have been processed through the new online system and will not contain older jobs.

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Jacket Number 6Rev. 5Office Name 5Bid Close Date 5Product Type 5Title 5Total 5Ship Delivery Date 5Date Awarded 5Spec 5Abstract 5
073017 Agency Publishing Services12/07/2012Kit FoldersPortfolio Kit Folders 25001/04/201312/10/2012ViewView
073030 R-2Agency Publishing Services12/18/2012OtherDirectional Signs 228101/11/201312/18/2012ViewView
073032 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/20/2012BagsINAUGURATION GIFT BAGS 36001/04/201311/20/2012ViewView
073033 R-2Agency Publishing Services11/30/2012Promotional Items57th Inaugural Lapel Pins - Item 1 Blue, Item 2 Red, Item 3 Green 157501/03/201311/30/2012ViewView
073034 Agency Publishing Services12/10/2012OtherWindshield Decal 30001/03/201312/21/2012ViewView
073045 Agency Publishing Services12/11/2012Labels/StickersSelf Adhesive Gift Labels 60001/03/201312/11/2012ViewView
073049 Agency Publishing Services12/21/2012OtherHybrid Directional Signs 72801/14/201312/27/2012ViewView
076296 Agency Publishing Services11/16/2012FormsSenate Gallery Passes - 113th Congress (2 Versions) 62500012/14/201211/20/2012ViewView
076544 Agency Publishing Services11/14/2012Labels/StickersRX LABELS 1500012/04/201211/15/2012ViewView
076627 R-1Agency Publishing Services11/28/2012Forms, Continuous StripPARKING PERMITS: CONTINUOUS FEED FOR 113 TH CONGRESS 6000012/19/201211/28/2012ViewView
076658 Agency Publishing Services12/05/2012Forms113TH CONGRESS FULL FLOOR ACCESS PASS 121112/21/201212/05/2012ViewView
076660 Agency Publishing Services11/21/2012EnvelopesEnvelopes: Property / Evidence w/ String 250012/10/201211/21/2012ViewView
076885 Agency Publishing Services11/30/2012FormsLEAVE REQUEST 100012/07/201211/30/2012ViewView
077228 Agency Publishing Services12/13/2012CD/DVD ReplicationDUPLICATION: CD-ROM AND JEWEL BOX CASES FOR HOUSE JOURNAL 107512/28/201212/13/2012ViewView
077321 Agency Publishing Services12/17/2012FormsCALENDAR SLIP 65012/21/201212/17/2012ViewView
077464 Agency Publishing Services12/18/2012FormsLEAVE REQUEST AND ACCOUNTING 100012/28/201212/18/2012ViewView
077652 Agency Publishing Services01/03/2013Labels/StickersMAILING LABELS: NANCY ERICKSON FRANK ONLY 400001/15/201301/03/2013ViewView
077717 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2013Labels/StickersMAILING LABELS (SELF-ADHESIVE) JOE DONNELLY 200001/18/201301/10/2013ViewView
077744 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2013FormsAPPLICATION FOR LEAVE OR APPROVED ABSENCE 1500001/18/201301/10/2013ViewView
077750 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2013Labels/StickersMAILING LABELS: TED CRUZ 100001/18/201301/10/2013ViewView
077766 Agency Publishing Services02/04/2013FormsCARD: VISITORS GALLERY PASSES FOR 113TH CONGRESS (SIGNED) 7000002/15/201302/04/2013ViewView
077792 Agency Publishing Services01/10/2013Labels/StickersMailing Labels-Continuous feed. (Tammy Baldwin) 200001/18/201301/10/2013ViewView
078017 Agency Publishing Services01/31/2013BooksItem 1 - 2012 Performance and Accountability Report 10002/15/201302/01/2013ViewView
078201 Agency Publishing Services01/25/2013FormsLEAVE REQUEST AND ACCOUNTING FORM (CHS) 400001/30/201301/25/2013ViewView
078634 Agency Publishing Services02/11/2013Labels/StickersMAILING LABELS: FRANK ONLY 200002/19/201302/11/2013ViewView
078642 Agency Publishing Services02/12/2013Forms3 PART VOUCHER FOR PRINT RE-ORDER 200002/20/201302/12/2013ViewView
375180 Agency Publishing Services12/21/2012PostersTFOP Poster Package. 4910See Spec12/21/2012ViewView
376043 R-2Agency Publishing Services12/03/2012EnvelopesEnvelopes 4-3/4 X 6-1/2 75012/14/201212/03/2012ViewView
376065 Agency Publishing Services12/13/2012Laminated ProductsDEA Parking Placards 420001/16/201312/13/2012ViewView
376080 Agency Publishing Services11/30/2012PamphletsAnnotations Annual Report 149712/20/201211/30/2012ViewView
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