Mail Service Updates

Feb. 13, 2013 –12:28 p.m. ET

Winter storm Nemo

The U.S. Postal Service continues its recovery efforts from the effects of Winter Storm Nemo and will provide updates on delivery services to homes and businesses.

States most affected by the storm are: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Safe road passage and snow removal remains critical to resuming normal operations. For letter carriers to deliver your mail safely, we ask that steps and walkways be cleared of snow and ice.

Curbside mailboxes should be shoveled for letter carriers to deliver or collect mail without having to leave their vehicles. The area near the mailbox should be cleared to provide letter carrier access.

Will I receive mail delivery?

Mail service impacts

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

All Post Office operations and mail delivery has resumed in the impacted areas as of Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2013.

Delivery will be attempted in all impacted areas. However, snow removal efforts may restrict delivery in some locations.

Removing snow from steps, walkways and curbsides leading to mailboxes will greatly assist letter carriers in the safe delivery of your mail.

Please continue to check back here for additional updates.

Is my Post Office open?

Mail service impacts

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

All Post Office operations and mail delivery has resumed in the impacted areas as of Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2013.

Delivery will be attempted in all impacted areas. However, snow removal efforts may restrict delivery in some locations.

Removing snow from steps, walkways and curbsides leading to mailboxes will greatly assist letter carriers in the safe delivery of your mail.

Please continue to check back here for additional updates.

These real-time mail service updates are designed to make mailers aware of service suspensions at Post Offices for any reason, including natural disasters, such as floods or fires. The USPS Business Customer Support and Service office, BSN HQ communications manager, maintains this information. Also see: International service updates.

Current updates:

National mail service disruption report PDF | Excel

Delivery Unit Drop Shipments: Click here for a complete list of Delivery Units that are not accepting drop shipments at this time.

Winter Storm Nemo

Feb. 13, 2013 – 12:28 p.m. ET

The U.S. Postal Service continues its recovery efforts from the effects of Winter Storm Nemo and will provide updates on postal operations in the affected areas.

States most affected by the storm are: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

All plant and Post Office operations and mail delivery have resumed in the impacted areas as of Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2013.

Delivery will be attempted in all impacted areas. However, snow removal efforts may restrict delivery in some locations.

Local retail and mail delivery service disruptions may exist due to limited road passage and snow removal efforts.

Isolated disruption to bulk mail acceptance and drop shipments may exist due to limited road passage and snow removal largely in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Eastern Long Island, NY.

Please continue to check here for additional updates.

Hurricane Sandy

USPS continues to monitor the effects of Hurricane Sandy and is currently in the recovery phase. Safety of our employees and restoring normal facility operating conditions remain a top priority. USPS will continue to keep mailers advised with updates on this page.

Delivery: All areas are affecting 100% delivery through normal or alternate modes.

Processing Center Drop Shipments: All mail processing facilities have resumed normal drop shipment schedules. At this time, there are no redirect or restricted conditions.

Remittance Mail: Remittance and Caller Mail service in the following locations has been suspended and mailers are redirected as follows:

  • Dominick V Daniels P&DC – available for pickup at: Newark NJ Main Post Office, 2 Federal Sq, Newark

Hurricane Isaac

Louisiana: Due to flooding caused by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac, 2 Post Offices remain inaccessible for mail delivery as of Oct 11.

The Postal Service has designated alternate locations for customers to pick up their Social Security checks. Cities inaccessible for delivery and the alternate locations where checks will be available are listed below. Customers must present government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license. Customers can go to the alternate site after 10 a.m. to pick up their mail.

Impacted Office


Alternate Office & Zip

Braithwaite, LA


Saint Bernard, LA 70085

Madisonville, LA


Mandeville, LA 70448

Postal Customers May Need “Hold Mail” or “Change of Address” due to Isaac. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac may have damaged some residences, leading customers to place a hold or a Change of Address on their mail. “Hold Mail” is for customers who have left their homes and plan to return within 30 days. Customers who cannot occupy their homes within 30 days must submit a “Change of Address” order before USPS can deliver their mail to another address.

A temporary change of address is for customers who plan to return to their residences within six months. Customers NOT planning to return to their current address within six months should submit a Permanent Change of Address order. Change of Address cards are available from letter carriers and at Post Offices. Also, customers can submit change of address information to the Postal Service on its website,

Customers with questions about mail delivery and other retail services in their areas can telephone the Postal Service at 800-ASK-USPS (275-8777).

Customers can help USPS make prompt and reliable mail deliveries:

  • Clear debris that may be blocking blocks access to mailboxes.
  • Customers with damaged or destroyed mailboxes should provide secure receptacles with an address clearly displayed before carriers will leave mail. Mail cannot be delivered unless customers provide such receptacles.


The United States Postal Service informs that effective immediately and until further notice, LIVES are not to be assigned on the air network for destinating sites PHX and LAS. Per Domestic Mail Manual 601 Mailability, section 9.3.11 Acceptance, “USPS does not accept any shipment of animals that the USPS reasonably believes cannot reach its destination in a viable condition. Such a determination is based on factors including the expected temperatures (weather conditions) while the shipment is in the mail; the types of vehicles on which the shipment is to be transported; the expected transit time; and the types of packaging used for protection against suffocation, crushing, and handling.”

International mail service


The Australian Post reports that as of Feb. 3, all problems with the EDI system have been resolved.


As reported by the Belgium Post, the International Post Corporation (IPC) was advised by GXS, that a technical issue on a server prevents access to the ESU system. GXS is working on the problem.

Belgium Post reports that the trade unions have announced a national strike for Jan. 30. The road transport federations may also take part in this strike. As a result of the impending strike, a number of industrial estates and strategic roads will be blocked. Road access to Belgium's OE's is not guaranteed, and outbound transport from Brussels EMC (BEBRUA) is likely to be disturbed. Mail delivery in Belgium will be heavily affected by this strike.




As reported by the Royal Post, dispatches from HWDC and Coventry Parcelforce, Great Britain, will be as follows:


  • Aug. 27 - Normal Monday Operations (No air dispatches for Priority letter mail and Parcels. Road dispatches will be as bilaterally agreed with Administrations involved.)
  • Aug. 28 - All Priority letter mail and Parcel dispatches are canceled.
  • Aug. 29 - All Priority letter mail and Parcel dispatches are back to normal operation


  • All mail arriving before CTT on Aug. 25 is due for delivery Aug. 28.
  • All mail arriving after CTT on Aug. 25 is due for delivery Aug. 29.

The Royal Post has reported the following changes.

Affective immediately, all LC/AO items for delivery in Great Britain should now be addressed to IMPC code "GBLALA" address "LANGLEY HWDC". (US exception follows below)

Affective immediately, the following OEs currently dispatching packet (AO) mail to GBLONB - MOUNT PLEASANT are now asked to dispatch to GBLALA - LANGLEY HWDC.


US Exception:

  • US IPC & Domestic trays dispatched from USHNLY, USJFKY, USLAXY, USMIAY and USORDY should be sent to GBLALA
  • US Packets from USHNLA, USJFKA, USLAXA, USMIAA and USORDA should continue to be dispatched to GBLONB
Costa Rica

Costa Rica Post has informed that the territory of Costa Rica is suffering the effects of extreme weather, which could delay the delivery of mail to various regions of the country. This situation could continue for at least two weeks, as the extreme weather and flooding has damaged the country's road network. The management of Correos de Costa Rica is making every effort to minimize any disruption to postal communications.

Costa Rica Post has informed that the Government of Costa Rica has postponed the public holiday scheduled for Oct12 (“Encuentro de Culturas”) until Oct17. As a result, letters, parcels and EMS will not be delivered on Oct17. Correos de Costa Rica apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience caused by this government decision.


As reported by the Denmark Post, a strike among the Security Staff in Copenhagen Airport started Mar. 15 at 5:00 a.m., and ended at 8:30 a.m. During this time, Denmark could not tender any outbound mail to aircrafts. As a result, a substantial amount of export priority mail will be delayed, but is expected to be cleared by the end of the day.

El Salvador



As reported by France Post, due to an EDI failure, messages for mailbox FR102 (letter mail) were not sent for the period of Sept. 9 – Sept. 10. The issue has since been resolved and queued messages are being sent through-out the day.


The Deutsche Post reports that on Sept. 7, the Independent Flight Attendants Organization (UFO) called for cabin crews to strike against Lufthansa (LH). This lead to massive flight delays and cancellations. The Independent Flight Attendants Organization (UFO) and Lufthansa (LH) signed a preliminary agreement to halt the strike until an arbitrator's ruling.

Lufthansa resumed normal flight operations by Sept. 9. LH Cargo freighter services were not affected by the strike, and operated as scheduled on Sept. 7, 8, and 9. All LH Cargo shipments affected by flight cancellations were loaded onto the next available flight.




As reported by Guatemala Post, Union member countries have had heavy rain storms since Oct. 13, leading to landslides, swelling of the main rivers, and the destruction of bridges. The storms have caused major damage to key roads and a number of Correo de Guatemala offices in these areas. Access is not impossible but it is very difficult, and significant delays in mail deliveries are to be expected. As a result, mail collection and delivery is suffering disruption in the following areas:

  • Alta Verapaz
  • Baja Verapaz
  • Chimaltenango
  • Chiquimula
  • El Progreso
  • Escuintla
  • Huehuetenango
  • Jalapa
  • Jutiapa
  • Quetzaltenango
  • Quiché
  • Retalhuleu
  • San Marcos
  • Santa Rosa
  • Solola
  • Suchitepequez
  • Totonicapán

Honduras Post has informed that the Government has declared a state of national emergency, as a result of the heavy rains that have been falling in the country since Oct. 10. The rain is expected to continue over the next few days, and postal services may be affected.


The Hungarian Post reports that the MRD (Mail Registration Device) application has been successfully installed and has now been operating since Aug. 1. All handlers at Budapest Liszt Ference Airport are using it in a full production mode set-up. The expectation is that the coverage of handovers by MRD scans will improve gradually.




India Post has reported that on Oct. 18 at 6:10 PM, an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale struck the state of Sikkim and other parts of northeastern India. This was followed by two more quakes of lower intensity during the night of Oct. 18 and Oct. 19, as well as incessant rain and landslides in the hilly areas of Sikkim and Darjeeling Dist (West Bengal). Postal services in these areas have been disrupted as a result, as has the transmission of EDI messages. India Post will notify of changes in the situation


The Dublin Post has reported a shortage of blue International Letter Post Bags. They are kindly requesting that all countries return these bags to Dublin OE without delay.


The Italian Post reports a planned air transport strike beginning at midnight, June 22, and continuing for a period of 24 hours. As a result, international flights arriving and/or leaving Milan (at both airports of Malpensa and Linate) will experience heavy delays and/or cancellations.


Japan Post has informed member countries of the following updated information regarding the impact on postal services of the Pacific Ocean earthquake off the Tohoku region coast and the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident:

  • Japan Post is continuing its efforts to deliver postal items, not only to addresses in the affected areas, but also to evacuation centres where affected addressees are staying temporarily The number of areas in which there are difficulties delivering postal items has decreased.
  • Japan Post has provided a link to the sites of government agencies — including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism — which are providing updated information regarding radiation levels in Japan, including information released by international organizations (ICAO, IATA, IMO and IAEA).

Additional information is available at
For an up-to-date list of the areas still facing delivery problems, use the listed url and go to the page entitled “Delivery delay of international postal items caused by the Pacific Ocean earthquake off the Tohoku region coast”.


As reported by the Kenyan Post, Kenyan postal workers began an industrial action on Dec. 16. This action will result in delays of inbound and outbound mail delivery.


Effective immediately, all U.S. Postal Service locations cannot accept any mail addressed to recipients in Libya. This suspension affects Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®), Express Mail International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Mail International®, International Priority Airmail™ (IPA®), International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®), and M-Bag items. Mail addressed to Libya that has already been accepted by the Postal Service — other than items already at an International Service Center — will be returned. Upon request, the Postal Service will refund postage and fees on items returned due to the temporary suspension of service. Items already at an International Service Center may be returned or held for dispatch in accordance with USPS policy once service is restored


The Luxembourg Post reports that due to an IT crash on Sept. 5, receptacles booked on the IPC Sprinter did not receive a transit scan in Luxembourg. Mail was loaded and shipped with initial documents. Concerning Luxembourg dispatches on the Sprinters, PREDES messages were sent after the system was restored. EMSEVT messages were not affected.


MaltaPost p.l.c. has advised that the forwarding of letters and parcels from Malta to Libya has been suspended MaltaPost p.l.c. will not provide open or closed transit services on behalf of third countries until further notice. Any such items will be returned to the country of origin, including mail already en route to Malta or currently in possession of carriers within Malta.


The PostNL has reported that EDI messages have not been sent out since 4:00 p.m. June 14. They are working to restore services as soon as possible. Once services are restored, missed messages from June 14 will be sent.


The Norwegian Post informs that security controllers at some airports in Norway have been on strike since 8:00 p.m. Fri. June 1. The strike has affected the security checkpoints at the airports. In addition, security controllers at the AMU in Oslo are now also on strike. There's no impact expected for outbound mail, however, as a result of the strike the AMU is closed for outbound mail.

Norwegian Post is unable to provide a end date of the strike, but will provide updates as the situation changes.


The Peruvian Post reports that Serpost S.A. has been affected by strike action since July 17, resulting in a disruption of all services countrywide (inbound and outbound mail). The collective bargaining process is in the final stages, and a solution should be forthcoming.


The Philippine Post reports, that as a result of tropical depression Sendong (international codename: Washi) between Dec. 15 and Dec. 18, 31 municipalities and 8 cities in the 13 provinces of the Philippines suffered damage. As reported by the Philippine National Disaster Coordinating Council, some roads and bridges in the impacted areas are open only intermittently, or are impassable or barely passable for vehicles. The transport of all classes of inbound international mail may be rerouted or temporarily discontinued until the main network of roads in the impacted areas reopen. These conditions will result in delivery delays in impacted areas, until situations return to normal.

The following municipalities and cities were affected:

a. Agusan del Sur 1. Talacogon
b. Bohol 2. Valencia
c. Bukidnon 3. Baungon
4. Libona
5. Malitbog
6. Valencia City
d. Capiz 7. Panitan
8. Sigma
e. Compostela Valley 9. Compostela
10. Monkayo
11. Montevista
12. Nabunturan
13. New Bataan
f. Davao del Norte 14. Asuncion (Saug)
g. Lanao del Norte 15. Iligan
h. Lanao del Sur 16. Karai
i. Misamis Occidental 17. Clarin
18. Ozamis City
j Misamis Oriental 19. Cagayan de Oro City
20. El Salvador
21. Kinoguitan
22. Lugait
23. Manticao
k. Negros Oriental 24. Amlan (Ayuquitan)
25. Bacong
26. Dumaguete
27. Mabinay
28. Pamplona
29. San Jose
30. Siaton
31. Sibulan
32. Tanjay
33. Valencia (Luzurriaga)
l. Surigao del Sur 34. Bislig
35. Hinatuan
36. Lingig
37. Tagbina
m. Zamboanga del Norte 38. Dipolog City
39. Polanco

The Polska Post reports that the Office of Exchange of Warszawa WER is experiencing a temporary shortage of red labels used for UR dispatches. As a temporary fix, the OE Warszawa WER may use red or blue replacement labels.


The Correios Post has reports a strike of the Air Traffic Controllers is underway. The strike is taking place 7–9 a.m., April 12–13, 19–20, and 26. Due to delays and/or cancellation of flights, the regular flow of outbound mail from Portugal may be affected. Mail to Portugal will not be delayed.


As reported by the Romanian Post, as a result of heavy snowstorms and blizzard conditions, international flights arriving and departing from H. Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, are currently being delayed or canceled. In addition, inbound and outbound postal items have been suffering a disruption in service since the evening of Jan. 25. Romanian Post will advise as the situation develops.


The relocation of its central services and mail processing center from the Kacyiru district to central Kigali that began May 23 is still underway, causing delays in the processing of mail and parcel delivery. Track and trace operations are not being performed at the normal rate. The EMS call center has temporarily suspended operations. Also, prompt replies to Rugby System messages is not possible. The relocation also has disrupted telephone and fax connections. Communications by mobile telephone and email still is possible.

Sint Maarten

The industrial action preventing mail delivery to the island ended Oct. 6, 2012. All operations are normal.


The Correos Post has reported the closure of all international operations in Barcelona OE (IMPC codes ESBCNB and ESBCNC) on June 25. Outbound volumes from ESBCNB and ESBCNC will gradually decrease beginning the week of June 18, with the final dispatch expected to be sent on June 23. From June 23, the OE in MADRID (ESMADB) will process all outbound mail, concentrating completely on all processing tasks. Correos remains committed to quality of outbound service and is expected to maintain the same level of existing service.


Syrian Post reports that due to the current exception circumstances in its country, there will be delays in the delivery of parcels and letter-post items. The Syrian Post thanks all for their understanding.




Turkish Post reports that the serious earthquake on 23 October 2011 has disrupted mail operations, and delays in deliveries of letter, parcel and EMS items to Van and Erciþ are expected. The Turkish Post will keep designated operators informed of the situation via EmIS.

Turkish Post has advised that the forwarding of letters and parcels by airmail or S.A.L. from Turkey to Libya has been suspended. Any such items received will be returned to the country of origin. Turkish Post will not provide any open or closed transit services on behalf of third countries until further notice.


As reported by Uruguay Post, in regard to the indefinite suspension of Pluna airline flights; through the use of other airlines, the problem concerning air transport have been resolved as of Aug. 9.


The U.S. Postal Service has temporarily suspended acceptance of inbound international mail originating in Yemen, and continues to monitor the situation as part of its mission to protect the Postal Service, its employees and its customers. The Postal Service is prepared to make further adjustments to its international mail transportation network based on the recommendations of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and other federal law enforcement agencies.


As reported by Zimbabwe Post, the Zimbabwe Posts has reported that due to difficulties encountered in migrating to version 5.11, Zimbabwe Posts has reverted to IPS version 4.24. Normal services have been restored on the 4.24 platform. Zimbabwe Posts will advise when version 5.11 has been successfully implemented.