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National Information Exchange Model Tools

  • NIEM Tools How To
  • Search/Navigate Model
  • Map Information Exchange
  • Build Schema Subset
  • Work With IEPDs
  • Generate Code List Schema
  • Migration Assistance
  • Conformance Validation

Search and Navigate the Model Textually

  • Enter search terms and view matching NIEM exchange model results.
  • Provides text based display of search results.
  • Navigate through the properties, types, and facets and their relationships.
  • Provides advanced search configuration options to refine search results.

Search and Navigate the Model Graphically

  • Displays small portions of the NIEM data model to visualize how things are connected in NIEM.
  • Browse properties, types, and associations (the nodes) and their their relationships (edges).
  • Access begins from any one of a small set of key starting points within the model.

Build Schema Subset

  • The NIEM data model covers several domains and typically not all of the data model is usable in an exchange.
  • It is useful to make a schema subset of NIEM components to use in an exchange.
  • Select the properties and types required for a data exchange, and generate a conformant schema subset of the full NIEM schema set.
  • All dependencies are automatically added to ensure the resulting schema subset is valid.
  • The user requirements can be saved and/or reloaded in a wantlist file

Work With IEPDs

  • Implements the initial NIEM IEPD specification.
  • Enables the user to upload/enter the artifacts required for an IEPD (schemas and documentation) along with its metadata and assembles it into a package per the NIEM IEPD specification.
  • Ability to validate that minimum artifacts and metadata are present for a NIEM conformant IEPD.
  • User creates an account and is granted a workspace (My IEPDs).
  • Workspace can be used to upload the artifacts to construct any number of IEPDs (complete or partial), share with the public the entire IEPD or parts of the IEPD, or search, discover, and download IEPDs that other account holders have shared.

Migration Assistance

  • Upload and convert GJXDM 3.0.3 to NIEM 2.0 wantlist and NIEM 1.0 to NIEM 2.0 wantlist.
  • Outputs NIEM 2.0 wantlist, NIEM 2.0 subset, and migration report.
  • Migration report contains: actions taken and choices made in migrating the wantlist, issues that cannot be resolved automatically, and statistics indicating degree of migration resolution.
  • Attempts to make as many automatic decisions as possible.
  • Cannot migrate extension or constraint schemas.

Generate Code List Schema

  • Generates a standard NIEM conformant code list schema from an Excel or CSV file.
  • Simple to use: enter namespace and version parameters; upload an Excel spreadsheet file containing code type names, and corresponding code values and definitions; and then download the NIEM conformant schema.
  • A single Excel file can be used to generated multiple code types and associated values in one schema.
  • For separate schemas, use separate Excel files.
  • A simple template.xls format is available to examine or clone. A sample output file (template.xsd) is also available.

Map Information Exchange to NIEM

  • Allows the user to specify metadata and upload XMI exchange models associated with NIEM IEPDs.
  • Map components within exchange models to NIEM components.
  • Generates artifacts based on mappings, including mapping reports, wantlist, exchange schemas, extension schemas, and subset schemas.


  • Allows the administrator to add, edit, and remove users, as well as set and reset user passwords.
  • To set the sender, host, port, username, password, and encryption for the smtp server

Conformance Validation

  • Intended to ASSIST developers by automatically identifying potential locations of non-conformance within IEPD artifacts (such as schemas, metadata, catalog, xml, etc.) using the latest published NIEM NDR, and associated specifications.
  • A user uploads an IEPD, a set of schemas in a zip file, or an individual schema. A report is generated outlining any rules that the files violate.
  • The uploaded files and the report are stored in your account workspace and can be deleted at any time.


  • The conformance validation tool is available for evaluation and feedback purposes ONLY.
  • The conformance validation tool is NOT the authoritative source for NIEM conformance, and therefore, CAN NOT guarantee or be used to certify full NIEM conformance.