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Video TeleConferencing allows people to share information and participate in a multi-way discussion regardless of physical location.

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VideoTeleConferencing (VTC)


Videoconferencing has many benefits; it allows experts from all over the world to communicate with and learn from each other, while sparing the high costs and scheduling problems of travel. Additionally, it allows many viewers in the same room to watch lectures, meetings and conferences with a full-screen television experience. 

NIH Videobridge

The deployment and use of videoconferencing within the NIH enterprise continues to increase. As more institutes and sponsored agencies become “video ready”, it is reasonable to conclude that the demand for multipoint video meetings (i.e. Meetings involving three or more locations) will continue to rise.

Multipoint Video Bridge

The most common way to conduct a multipoint video meeting is for each participating video system (meeting room, desktop, etc.) to connect to a single bridging device called a multipoint video bridge or MCU. Video bridges are available in two basic form factors; embedded within the video endpoint itself, and as a stand-alone hardware device.  While MCUs embedded within video endpoints can provide a cost effective means to host high-quality multipoint meetings, they support only a limited number of participants (typically four) and provide a limited feature set. For these reasons, CTIVS-VTCADMIN group host all meetings on a dedicated video bridge.

Dedicated Video Bridge

CTIVS has upgraded the dedicated video bridge to service the HHS / NIH community. The following are just a few of the new features that the video bridge can offer:

  • Content Sharing is now enabled to show every participant your slides, spreadsheets, or documents. 
  • New layouts to help display all participants at all times. (Hollywood Squares and others)
  • IP Connectivity for a cost savings connections.
  • Enhanced Video Quality for all participants near High Definition.