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Welcome to the PSI:Biology-Materials Repository

The PSI:Biology-Materials Repository (PSI:Biology-MR) stores, maintains and distributes protein expression plasmids and vectors created by the PSI centers. As of January 2013, we have over 65,000 PSI plasmids and 97 empty vectors available for request with additional PSI plasmids processed and added to DNASU monthly. See this slide show for an overview of DNASU, the PSI:Biology-MR, and how to search for and order plasmids.

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DNASU Plasmid Repository

Our repository has more than just PSI plasmids! We have a collection of over 178,000 plasmids in 950 organisms in over 100 vector backbones. This collection includes:

  1. Breast Cancer 1000 (BC1000): A collection of clones containing 1000 human genes related to breast cancer  
  2. Yeast - All of the open reading frames (ORFs) of S. cerevisiae in the Gateway Entry vectors
  3. >5,500 S. cerevisiae  ORFs in two yeast expression vectors pBY011 and ZM552
  4. A collection of the 5,600 genes encoded by P. aeruginosa
  5. Complete genome collections for Bacillus anthracis, Francisella  tularensis, Vibrio cholorae and Yersinia pestis 
  6. A set of >500 human kinases both in the Creator Entry Vector and two mammalian retroviral vectors (pJP1520 and pJP1563)
  7. A set of 14,000 clones of human genes in the Gateway Entry vector
  8. Over 10,000 human genes in a cell free expression vector.
  9. set of over 1,000 human transcription factors in a lentiviral vector

You can view an overview of these collection here or see the details of these collections here and also search for and request these plasmids through our website.