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Congressional Appropriations-Related Documents

House and Senate Reports

Although non-binding, these reports express legislative intent behind the bills. Below are House and Senate reports for the previous five years.

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Fiscal Year 2012 (no report)
Fiscal Year 2011 (no report)
Fiscal Year 2010
Fiscal Year 2009 (no report)
Fiscal Year 2008
Fiscal Year 2012
Fiscal Year 2011
Fiscal Year 2010
Fiscal Year 2009
Fiscal Year 2008

Congressional Appropriation Committee Reports and Significant Items
Congressional Appropriation Committee Reports (CACRs) are written by NCI in response to requests by Congress in the House and Senate Reports. They are submitted to Congress as stand-alone reports.

Significant Items are brief responses written by NCI that address requests by Congress in the House and Senate Reports. Because the Significant Items are published in conjunction with the budget justification for the upcoming fiscal year and the House and Senate Reports are created during the appropriation process for the current fiscal year, the Significant Items report references the Congressional reports of the prior fiscal year. Thus, for example, NCI's Fiscal Year 2011 Significant Items are a response to the Fiscal Year 2010 Congressional reports and will reference that year in the document.

Significant Items for the previous five years are listed below.

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