Resource Center Announcements

12/1/2012 - 9-1-1 Resource Center
The 9-1-1 Resource Center is undergoing maintenance and may be unavailable around late November through early December.  We apologize in advance for any downtime.  Thank you for your patience and check back soon!

National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines
6/11/2012 - NAGWG
The 9-1-1 Resource Center has a project underway to develop consensus-based universal guidelines to serve as the basis for a 9-1-1 statewide program assessment process. The National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines were developed as a result of that project. Refer to the press release below for additional information on the guidelines and their creation.

NENA 2012: Guidelines Update
6/11/2012 - 1:30PM - 2:30PM
The results are in! Last year the 9-1-1 industry provided feedback on the National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines; now learn how the guidelines performed as the basis of a pilot assessment. Come to hear the lessons learned from the pilot project and tell us what you think. Panel members will discuss the findings of the pilot project and plans for improvement as the project moves forward. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide additional feedback on the guidelines and the assess¬ment process.