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Welcome to the Web site for the Cooperative Group Banks (CGB). These banks represent the collective Biospecimen resources of the NCI’s Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program.

The purpose of the CGB resource is to maintain a publicly available supply of quality NCI Clinical Trials Cooperative Group human biospecimens and to provide fair and open access to qualified investigators in the research community.  CGB collect, store and distribute specimens from patients treated in phase III and large phase II NCI-funded controlled randomized clinical trials.  These well-annotated specimen collections are unique because they have associated patient clinical, treatment, and outcome data.  In general, specimens are only available from trials that are closed (e.g., from trials that have completed analyses of the primary endpoints of the clinical trial) and the results published, although there may be rare exceptions. 

The goal of the CGB resource is to provide specimens for research involving assessment of clinically relevant biomarkers (e.g., development/ validation of prognostic and predictive markers, molecular signatures), identification of therapeutic targets, and other novel translational research studies.  Clinical trial protocols under which the specimens have been collected can be accessed on Clinical