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Taking Care of the Whole You—Becoming an Active, Powerful, Smokefree Woman!

Congratulations on becoming a Smokefree Woman! This section is about you continuing to take control of being a healthier, more active, and powerful YOU. Smokefree Women has the information and tools to support you on your path to health and well-being. What will this take?

  • Commitment and patience
  • Curiosity to question how you take care of yourself
  • Willingness to challenge yourself to live life fully as a Smokefree, Active, and Powerful Woman!

You deserve to be strong and healthy and to feel good about yourself and your body. We think you are worth it, and we hope you do too. Let’s get started!

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Active More Powerful You..
Get Your Body Moving
What this Means
What to Expect
Getting STARTed
Family Fun
Nourish Your Body
What This Means
Eating Healthier
Portion Size
Mindful Eating

Rejuvenate Body & Mind
Importance of Sleep
Dealing With Stress
Ways to Relax
Tough Stuff
The Blues & Blahs
Your Social Network
Digital Age