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Frequently Asked Questions magnifying glass search icon
TOXMAP: General Information
What is TOXMAP?
Where can I learn how to use TOXMAP?
What should I understand about chemicals and toxicity while using TOXMAP?
There are TRI releases or Superfund sites near my neighborhood. Is my health at risk?
What kind of maps can TOXMAP create?
How do I save TOXMAP search results?
Does TOXMAP show all sources of toxic chemicals released into or present in the environment?
What data sources does TOXMAP use?
Why are the locations of some TOXMAP facilities/sites slightly inaccurate?
What are the future plans for TOXMAP?
How can I link my site to TOXMAP?

TOXMAP: Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)
What is the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)?
What TRI chemicals are mapped in TOXMAP?
How accurate is TRI data?
How current is the TRI data that TOXMAP uses?
How accurate are TRI locations in TOXMAP?
How are TRI chemical trends calculated?
How can TRI data be accessed?
What other sites map TRI data?
How can I view regional TRI release data?

TOXMAP: Superfund
What is the "Superfund" Program?
What is "CERCLIS"?
What kinds of chemicals are found at Superfund sites?
What happens during the clean up of a Superfund site?
What other sites map Superfund data?
How can I find out who is responsible for the clean up of a Superfund site?
What are the Superfund site "NPL" statuses?
What is the "National Priorities List" (NPL)?

TOXMAP: Searching and Creating Maps
How can maps be created in TOXMAP?
What is a TOXMAP geographic region?
How can I specify more search options in TOXMAP?

GIS: General Information
What is GIS?
Why use a GIS?
Is "GIS" the same as "GPS"?
How are maps drawn?
What are some tips for reading maps critically?

GIS: Data
What are some GIS data sources?
What are latitude and longitude and how do they relate to GIS?
What is "metadata"?
What other government organizations use GIS to display health-related information?

GIS: Interoperability and Standards
What are GIS standards?
What organizations are working on GIS standards?

TOXMAP: Contact Information [Site Administration]
Whom can I contact with questions and/or suggestions?