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Top Apply for a Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant
In this section, you’ll find important information about how to apply for a SS/HS grant. View the information and resources by clicking on the links to the left or highlighted below.

Current Initiatives
2007 SS/HS Grant Application Now Available!
Update on the Safe Schools/Healthy Students FY 2011 Competition
The SS/HS federal partners are proposing changes to the SS/HS priority, requirements, and definitions for the SS/HS FY 2011 competition. The proposed changes, along with a rationale for them, appear in the February 18th edition of the Federal Register. [+] Read More
Assessment Quiz
Readiness Assessment Tool
Promoting safe and healthy environments in which America’s children can learn and develop is the overarching goal of the SS/HS Initiative. Violence and substance abuse in schools compromise the educational climate and endanger students and teachers. Take the Readiness Assessment
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Grantmaking at ED: Answers to Your Questions About the Discretionary Grants Process
This publication is intended for readers who are interested in applying to the U.S. Department of Education for discretionary grants and cooperative agreements, have received an award, or are simply interested in knowing more about the Department's discretionary grants process.

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Some Featured Communities Across the Country that are Making a Difference.
- Canton, OH
- Chester County, SC
- Tempe, AZ
- Mount Vernon, NY
- Round Rock, TX
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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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