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Final report on the Assessment of Physical Sciences and Engineering Advances in Life Sciences and Oncology (APHELION) study
The NCI OPSO and the NSF gathered an expert panel consisting of prominent scientists to conduct an international Assessment of PHysical sciences and Engineering advances in LIfe sciences and ONcology (APHELION). The findings of the APHELION study provide a comprehensive, peer-reviewed set of evaluations of physical sciences-oncology research overseas in comparison to research being conducted in the United States. [View PDF]

Integrating the Physical Sciences Perspective to Open a New Frontier in Oncology meeting report
At the midpoint of the 5-year Physical Sciences – Oncology Centers program, the NCI convened a Think Tank in February 2012 titled "Integrating the Physical Sciences Perspective to Open a New Frontier in Oncology". The meeting report reflects on progress made so far and identifies potential directions for future research. [View PDF}

Northwestern University PS-OC to Bring 'Cancer's Biographer' to Campus May 1
Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., the oncologist who ambitiously tackled the 4,000-year recorded history of cancer in his first book, "The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer," will deliver a free public lecture at Northwestern University May 1. [Read more]

NCI Requests Targets for Monoclonal Antibody Production and Characterization
Submissions accepted through July 9, 2012.
In an effort to provide well-characterized monoclonal antibodies to the scientific community, NCI's Antibody Characterization Program requests cancer-related protein targets for affinity production and distribution. [Read more]

The final frontier in the war on cancer
The Telegraph
February 7, 2012
When President Nixon declared war on cancer 40 years ago, he also sanctioned one of the biggest research programmes in history. The budget of America's National Cancer Institute (NCI) is now $5 billion a year, more than Nasa spends on space exploration. Cancer accounts for a large slice of research funds in most other developed countries, too: Cancer Research UK, for example, has a budget of £500 million a year. [Read more]

Dr. David Agus on his book "The End of Illness"
Charlie Rose
February 3, 2012
[Watch here]


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