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Important Message about HHS Learning Portal Log-In

Prevent the Deactivation of Your HHS Learning Portal (Learning Management System, LMS) Account by Logging in Today!

Effective December 2010, accounts on the HHS Learning Portal, commonly referred to as the Learning Management System (LMS), will be deactivated if they have been inactive for 366 days. Account status checks will be performed daily and will continue from December 2010 onward. Your account will be deactivated if, at any time, it is inactive for a period of 366 days. Inactivity is defined as user login to access the system. Please log-in to the LMS today at https://lms.learning.hhs.gov to ensure access to your account.

Why Are LMS Accounts Being Deactivated?

Account deactivation adheres to information systems and security policies, reduces security vulnerability and eliminates any risk exposures to HHS and the end-user.

The LMS is Moving to Single Sign-On?What Does This Mean?

Effective December 2010, the LMS will integrate with the Access Management System (AMS) for Single Sign-On (SSO). Once integrated, LMS Learners will no longer need to maintain a LMS specific user name and password. Instead, LMS Learners will use AMS to log onto the LMS and the AMS? Identity Management System will authenticate your HHS identity, ensure a single LMS account for each user and map LMS accounts to unique digital identities. In integrating with the AMS, the LMS will conduct daily reviews of accounts, enforce inactivity requirements and deactivate LMS accounts if they have not been accessed for 366 days.

Report problems with LMS to the DHHSHelp@hhs.gov Send your comments on this website to HHSU Web Team.
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