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Information Center

  • Stem Cell Basics These pages present a basic overview of stem cells and their potential uses.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answers common questions about stem cells, healthcare, research and policy, cell line availability, and funding.
  • Regenerative Medicine This NIH publication reviews the state of the science in stem cell research. The first 5 chapters of Regenerative Medicine were posted in 2006, and NIH is adding new chapters as new areas of scientific research emerge. Dates of added material are indicated.
  • Stem Cells: Scientific Progress and Future Research Directions  The NIH publication is a review of the state of the science of stem cell research as of June 17, 2001. Included in this report is subject matter addressing stem cells from adult, fetal tissue, and embryonic sources.
  • Research Ethics and Stem Cells Stem cell research has generated much interest and public debate. This page outlines the ethical issue and provides links to related online resources.
  • Stem Cells and Diseases Can stem cells cure diseases? This page discusses their therapeutic potential.
  • Glossary Definitions of terms and acronyms used throughout the site.
  • Downloads Illustrations and photographs that are available for download.
  • Links to Related Resources A list of other online resources you can use to find more information about stem cells. Includes an annotated bibliography and links to directories and databases, disease-specific organizations and advocacy groups, educational resources, international research, news sources, professional associations, related federal government sites, and research programs at universities and institutions.