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Labor Relations at NIH

The Labor Relations section of the OHR website contains information for NIH employees in bargaining units. The Labor Relations section of the site lists the negotiated and bargaining agreements in place at the NIH as well as contact information for Labor Relations Specialists who are assigned to particular areas and agreements.

Negotiated Agreements

Clinical Center Bargaining Agreements

Contacts for Labor Relations Issues:

  • Beth I. Chandler, Employee/Labor Relations Team Leader, ORF, CC-Nutrition, AFGE 2419
    (301) 402-9203 email:
  • Heather Defibaugh, Employee/Labor Relations Specialist, ORF, CC Nutrition, AFGE 2419
    (301) 402-7984 email:
  • Lanetta Holloway, Employee/Labor Relations Specialist, ORS, ORF, FOP
    (301) 496-3540 email:
  • Laura McIntyre, Employee/Labor Relations Specialist, IAFF
    (301) 496-3173 email:
  • Noreen Gordon, Employee/Labor Relations Specialist, NIEHS, AFGE Local 2923
    (919) 541-0381 email:
This page was last reviewed on February 08, 2013