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Keyword Tips

Enter keywords to maximize the chance of retrieving jobs that most accurately match your search. Keywords are words, phrases, and/or terms that can be entered to describe educational and professional experiences, skills, or agency names.

Examples include: Job Title, Job Description, Agency Name, Job Announcement #, Pay Plan, Control #, Occupation Code, Appointment Term, Duty Location.

When using more than one keyword to search, “AND” is automatically used to narrow your search for jobs that contain all of the keywords you enter, but not necessarily used as a phrase. For example, if you search for management analyst, you may receive results for an analyst that reports to senior level management as well as management analyst positions.

If you are searching for a specific phrase, such as a management analyst, then you can use quotes around your keywords. Searching for “management analyst” will only return those jobs that have that exact phrase in them, and will discard those analyst jobs that report to senior level management in the previous example.

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