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AnatlLine Survey Form

We are conducting a brief survey, and would like to know what you thought of the site, how useful you found it, and what improvements or additions might be desired.

Please indicate your degree of satisfaction in each of the following areas by filling out the form and submitting it to us. (SUBMIT button at the bottom).

Web Site Area:

1. How easy is it to navigate this site ?
 very good  good  average  poor  very poor  not applicable

2. How easily were you able to locate the information that you were looking for?
 very good  good  average  poor  very poor  not applicable

3. Was the information presented in an understandable format?
very good good average poor very poor  not applicable

4. Was the content of the Query Result web page helpful?
very good good average poor very poor  not applicable

5. Was the image file download process easy to understand?
very good good average poor very poor  not applicable

6. What additional information on the web site might be useful?

Downloaded VHI files:

7. Which type(s) of files did you download? (check all that apply)

8. How do you rate the VHDisplay software?
 very good  good  average  poor  very poor  not applicable
Comments :

9. How do you rate the Web Browser Interface ?
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Comments :

10. For which purpose did you use the downloaded image data ?
Other (please specify) :

11. How do you intend to use the data in the future ?

12. What difficulties did you have in using the data ?


13. Which features would you like to have added to the software provided ?

14. Which types of images would enhance this site ?

15. Which other tools would you like to have online to help you use the data ?

16. For your research applications, do you prefer high resolution image data or would lower resolution image data be sufficient ?
 high resolution  low resolution  not applicable

17. Comments (If you wish to receive our reply, please include your email address here.)