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Office of Cancer Genomics

The National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG) aims to advance the understanding of cancer at the molecular level with the ultimate goal of improving clinical outcomes. Through its various innovative and collaborative research programs, OCG fosters cancer genomics research (the systematic analysis of changes in the genomes of tumors) and the rapid translation of the resulting molecular insights into the clinic. Read more about OCG

Publications and data generated from OCG programs, as well as, other cancer-genomics-related resources are made publicly available on this website.

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Latest issue of the OCG e-News!
An update on the CTD² program, an interview with TARGET researcher Kathryn Roberts, and more.
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Genome Study Points to Treatments for High-Risk Form of Childhood Leukemia
NCI Cancer Bulletin features recently published findings from TARGET researchers studying high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
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