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The Federal Judicial Center Offers Training and Research Federal Lawyer, October 2009 (PDF, 4 pp.) (used with permission)

Mailing address
The mailing address for the FJC is Federal Judicial Center, Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, One Columbus Cir NE, Washington DC 20002-8003.

Phone numbers
A dial-by-name telephone directory of FJC staff can be accessed by dialing 202-502-4000 and following the automated menu instructions.

Office of the Director & Deputy Director, 202-502-4160 (fax 202-502-4099)

Personnel Office, 202-502-4165 (fax 202-502-4099)

Broadcast Operations, 202-502-4250

Communications Policy & Design Office, 202-502-4250 (fax 202-502-4077)

Education Division
Federal Judicial History Office, 202-502-4180 (fax 202-502-4077)

Information Services Office & Library, 202-502-4153 (fax 202-502-4077) (see also Media Library below)

Information Technology Office, 202-502-4223 (fax 202-502-4288)

International Judicial Relations Office, 202-502-4158 (fax 202-502-4099)

Media Library, 202-502-4156 (fax 202-502-4077) (see also Information Services Office above)

Media Production Office, 202-502-4272 (fax 202-502-4077)

Research Division, 202-502-4070 (fax 202-502-4199)