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Disaster Information Management Research Center

The Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) releases a Hurricane Sandy web page

The Hurricane Sandy page provides links to overviews, state specific sites, cleanup and recovery information, mental health information, multi-language resources, social media information, apps and widgets, and more.

New page on Droughts and Health available

The page focuses primarily on human health effects of drought conditions as experienced in the United States. It is intended to grow as new materials become available on this topic.

Deadline extended for Disaster Health Information Outreach contract proposals

The deadline for applications for the “Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project 2012” funding is extended to Monday, August 20, 2012. NLM must extend the deadline due to a required change in a classification code used on this contract to describe the nature of the work. There are NO OTHER CHANGES to this solicitation. The code change is a technicality that will not require any change in the content of proposals. If you have already submitted an application, the NLM Office of Acquisitions will contact you with instructions.

NLM Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Projects 2012

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces a funding opportunity for small projects to improve access to disaster medicine and public health information for health care professionals, first responders and others that play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response and recovery. NLM is soliciting proposals from partnerships that include at least one library and at least one non-library organization that has disaster-related responsibilities, such as health departments, public safety departments, emergency management departments, prehospital and emergency medical services, fire/rescue, or other local, regional, or state agencies with disaster health responsibilities; hospitals; faith-based and voluntary organizations active in disaster; and others. The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 2 pm ET.

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Environmental Health & Toxicology

New resource page on laboratory safety availableDrug Information Portal is now available for mobile devices

Laboratory Safety has links to information for clinical, academic and school laboratories, including resources for handling chemical, biological and nanotechnology safely. Also included are links to regulations and policy, hazard analysis, MSDS, waste management, and preformulated TOXNET and PubMed searches.

New NLM Resource for Toxicologists

Especially for Toxicologists is a guide to NLM resources on environmental health, toxicology, and chemical information for toxicologists.

Drug Information Portal is now available for mobile devices

This mobile optimized web site covers over 32,000 drugs and provides descriptions, drug names, pharmaceutical categories, and structural diagrams. Each record also features information links to 19 other resources including NLM PubMed, NLM LactMed, and Drugs@FDA. The mobile version of a resource is used when available.

Redesigned web and mobile versions of Haz-Map released

The new Haz-Map design adapts to web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, as well as mobile browsers on smart phones, such as iPhones, Android and Blackberry phones.

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General Announcements

Tox Town Adds Methane to Chemical List
Methane, a colorless, odorless gas is the primary component of natural gas. Methane is also a major greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. To learn more about methane and how it can affect your health, visit the new Tox Town Methane pages in English and Spanish. 11/8/2012
Discovering the Connection: Your Environment, Your Health an afterschool science club curriculum for middle school students

Lessons and activities of the curriculum combine research on the Tox Town Web site with hands-on experiments and communication and social action activities. The objective is to introduce middle school students to environmental health issues in their everyday life, emphasizing the relevance of science to informed citizenship. The curriculum was developed as collaboration between NLM, University of Maryland College of Education, and an inter-disciplinary group of middle school teachers. It is based on National Science Education Standards and is grounded in problem-based learning approach that promotes in-depth understanding and critical thinking.

Tox Town Releases Drought Location Page

Tox Town’s new Drought location page has information on why drought is a concern, how it is related to climate change, and possible health affects related to drought.

NLM released GeneEd, a new educational resource

GeneEd is a collaboration with the National Human Genome Institute (NHGRI), teachers and experts in genetics and genetic counseling. It's a resource for students and teachers in grades 9 – 12 to explore topics such as Cell Biology, DNA, Genes, Chromosomes, Heredity/Inheritance Patterns, Epigenetics/Inheritance and the Environment, Genetic Conditions, Evolution, Biostatistics, Biotechnology, DNA Forensics, and Top Issues in Genetics. 3D images, illustrations and text from the NHRGI provide vivid imagery to reinforce genetic concepts. Text varies from easy-to-read to advanced reading levels. There are Teacher Resources and Labs and Experiments.

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HIV/AIDS Information

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REMM - Radiation Emergency Medical Management


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TOXNET and Beyond Class

TOXNET and Beyond Class Schedule

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WISER - Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders

The latest news about WISER.

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