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SEER Data, 1973-2009
(Including July-December 2005 Hurricane Katrina Impacted Louisiana Cases)

The SEER research data include SEER incidence and population data associated by age, sex, race, year of diagnosis, and geographic areas (including SEER registry and county). A signed Research Data Agreement is required to access these data. Use of these data for publication purposes should contain a citation which includes submission and release dates. See Citations for SEER Data and SEER*Stat Software for specific suggestions regarding the citation format.

Number of Records in the SEER Research Data

The numbers provided in the table below are for the most recent SEER research data release and the previous release. Malignant and In Situ cases are defined using the SEER Behavior Recode for Analysis.

  All Cases* Malignant Cases Malignant +
In Situ Cases
1973-2009 Data (Nov 2011 Submission) 7,262,696 6,571,117 7,141,763
1973-2008 Data (Nov 2010 Submission) 6,551,087 5,937,405 6,456,479
Increase from 2010 to 2011 Submission 711,609 633,712 685,284
Number of 2009 cases 448,283 395,305 430,766

* All Cases includes benign brain and CNS tumors.

SEER Database Details

See Number of SEER Participants by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity for the percentage of the U.S. population covered for each registry and registry combinations provided in SEER*Stat.