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Accessing the 1973-2009 SEER Data

The 1973-2009 SEER Research Data are available in the binary format required by the SEER*Stat software and in an ASCII text format that can be analyzed with your own statistical software. The data and SEER*Stat software are available using three methods:

  1. Use SEER*Stat to access the data through your Internet connection (SEER*Stat's client-server mode). This is the most common method for accessing the SEER Data.
  2. Download compressed files from the Internet containing the same contents as the DVDs. SEER*Stat, the binary data, and the text data are available for download.
  3. Have a DVD containing the data and SEER*Stat software shipped to you. The data can be accessed and the software can be run from the DVD. This will contain SEER*Stat, and the binary and text versions of the data.

These are described in more detail in Options for Accessing the Data and SEER*Stat Software.

Datasets Included by Access Method

All Access Options (Client-server mode, DVD, and Compressed Data Files):

Client-Server Only:

Compressed Data Files Only:

  • ASCII text version of the SEER 1973-2009 data

SEER Research Data Agreement

A signed SEER Research Data Agreement form is required to access the SEER data. Once you have determined if you want to access the data via the Internet or receive a DVD, please submit a request for access to the data and SEER*Stat software. A personalized SEER Research Data Agreement will be created for you. The SEER program will process your request within 2 business days of receiving your signed agreement.

You may review the language of the SEER Research Data Agreement in the sample agreement form (this cannot be used to request data).

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