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Options for Accessing the Data and SEER*Stat Software

There are three ways to obtain the research data: two require access through an Internet connection, and the third is a DVD sent via US mail. Please read through each option below before making a decision as to which methods best suit your needs. A signed SEER Research Data Agreement is required in each case. All options provide access to the SEER Data. You must use SEER*Stat in client-server mode in order to access US mortality data and databases for calculating incidence-based mortality rates.

Current SEER*Stat users may sign up for e-mail updates to receive advanced notice of software releases.

Internet Connection Options

When you submit a request for the data and choose the access option, "Through my Internet connection", you will be given a username and password within two business days of SEER receiving your signed research data agreement. This username and password may be used to access the data through either of these two Internet-based options.

1. SEER*Stat's Client-Server Mode

Use SEER*Stat to access the data through your Internet connection. With this, you only need to download and install the current version of the SEER*Stat Installation program. You must be connected to the Internet while using SEER*Stat. SEER*Stat will access the Internet as needed. For example, each time you execute an analysis, the parameters of your request will be transferred from your computer to the SEER*Stat server and the results will be transferred back to your computer. SEER*Stat's local and client-server modes are compared in SEER*Stat's help system.

2. Download compressed files from the Internet

The combination of these compressed (Windows self-extracting ZIP format) files contain the exact contents of the DVD that is shipped. The username and password you receive from SEER is needed to download the files.

  • Binary version of the data and the SEER*Stat software:
    Windows ExecutableExternal Web Site Policy- 914 MB]
    Download this file if you would like to use your computer system for data storage and processing. These binary data files can only be analyzed using the SEER*Stat software. To use this configuration, download the file, uncompress it, and install SEER*Stat on your local system. Storing the downloaded file and its uncompressed contents will consume approximately 2.1 gigabytes of disk capacity.
  • ASCII text version of the data:
    [Windows ExecutableExternal Web Site Policy - 244 MB] [ZIPExternal Web Site Policy - 244 MB]
    Download this file if you would like to use your own programs to analyze the data in text format. You do not need to download these files if you are using SEER*Stat. SEER does not provide programming support for the analysis of these data. To use this configuration, download the file in the preferred format and uncompress it. File descriptions and documentation are included and are available online in Documentation for the ASCII Text Data Files. Storing the downloaded file and its uncompressed contents will consume approximately 2 gigabytes of disk capacity.

DVD via US Mail

3. SEER Research Data and SEER*Stat on DVD

The SEER research data and the SEER*Stat software are available on a DVD. This method is preferable if you are using SEER*Stat and do not have high speed Internet access, and have a DVD drive on your computer. The same files are available for download without the delay caused by shipping. However, downloading requires a high speed Internet connection and significant disk space. The DVD includes the SEER*Stat software, the binary format of the data, and the ASCII data files that can be analyzed with your own software. The DVD contains the binary data in uncompressed format and the ACSII data in compressed format. You will not need to be connected to the Internet when using the data, and can access the binary data and run the software directly from the DVD.